What’s My Dynamics NAV Price?

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Before you make the decision to implement Dynamics NAV in your organization, finding out Microsoft Dynamics' costs is very important to ensure that you stay within the budget allocated. But figuring out the total cost of an ERP implementation can be tricky. Since no two businesses are the same, the standard factors affecting ERP implementations are usually coupled with many different elements that drive the level of customization required by a business and affect ERP implementation costs.

In the “What’s my price?” e-book, Microsoft professionals present the factors a business person should take into account to determine the total cost of implementing Dynamics NAV. By explaining all the factors that affect ERP implementation costs, including those often overlooked by most businesspeople, the e-book can help you estimate Microsoft Dynamics costs correctly. Some of these factors include, without being limited to:

  • deployment options (on-premise, cloud, or hybrid);Portrait of an Asian business man thinking about money
  • licensing models (Starter Pack / Extended Pack; full user access / limited user access);
  • number of users, type of users (on-premise, mobile, or both) and their training needs;
  • the level of configuration and customization required to run your business today and support future growth;
  • implementation partner (implementation costs may vary greatly among vendors, based on your unique business requirements along with the implementation and support services they provide).

Do you want to find out more information about the factors that influence Microsoft Dynamics costs? We invite you to download the “What’s my price?” e-book.

To accurately calcuNAV ebook coverlate the cost of implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV,   you can use our online ERP calculator. A very efficient tool, our calculator allows you not only to find out the total price of software licenses, implementation and maintenance but also to compare the costs of on-premise and cloud-based deployment options quickly and easily. For additional information on Dynamics NAV, feel free to contact our friendly sales team at 800.331.8382 or email sales@clientsfirst-tx.com.

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