GP Workflow - A Better Way to Manage Your Requisitions and PO Approvals

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Tired of pushing the paperwork around? Let GP do the “paper-pushing” for you – paperless! Workflow helps you eliminate the “black hole” of your paper system - paper sitting on someone’s desk waiting for approval.

Dynamics GP Workflow 2.0 is available starting with GP2013 R2. The new GP Workflow capability is easier to deploy, as it replaces the previous GP Workflow that was dependent on SharePoint.

Using GP Workflow saves paper, ink, and more importantly – time.   It provides an audit trail of the approval process so that you can identify where the requisition currently sits or who’s holding it up.  Workflow is highly configurable and makes it easy for you to automatically route for approvals based on your business rules. Tasks can also be set up as a part of the workflow.

This video will review the new features of GP Workflow 2.0-

The Workflow setup is done within GP, but the workflow users are Active Directory users. With GP Web Services installed, approvals can be done through emails, without the need to log into GP. This means that approvers in your organization do not have to have a GP User ID. Comments can be entered in every step of the process – submission, approval and rejection.

Email notifications can be set up to notify the originator any time an action is taken on the requisition so that the originator will always know the status of his request. The email notification includes relevant information such as PO number, dollar amount, vendor, and any comments made by the requestor, so the approver can make decisions easily.

The Navigation Lists in GP make managing the approval process easy:

  • Requestors can view their list of requests needing approval.
  • Purchasers can use the list to automate the creation of POs from approved requisitions.
  • Approvers can approve multiple PO’s or Requisitions at one time by checking them off and pressing the Approve button.

Some additional beneficial features include:

  • Calendar feature – if the document is assigned to someone and they don’t approve it in a specified amount of time, it can escalate to the next approver or an alternate approver.
  • Delegation feature - can be set so that if someone is on vacation, they can delegate their approval. They can specify a start date, end date and who they want to delegate to.

GP Workflow 2.0 will greatly improve and expedite your approval process and may even help you keep your desk a little more organized!

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