Dynamics NAV 2015 and Office 365 - Tools to Rule

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Organizations in the manufacturing, service, distribution and finance sectors depend on various tools to manage key business processes. For many companies, these tools are the wheels of motion of their operations and without them, processes can come to a grinding halt.

Tools like ERP systems and productivity software such as Microsoft Office’s Excel are key to the success of many organizations.  We so often have organizations reach out to us when their current business software solution is hindering growth.  While Excel is a great tool, you don’t want to have your business operations depend on a huge spreadsheet that is probably not accurate.  Legacy solutions can become redundant due to their inability to incorporate new customer demands easily or integrate with additional tools that may have become important for the business.

Luckily, business processes do not have to come to a grinding halt thanks to robust, modern ERP systems like Dynamics NAV, whose capabilities can grow with your company - in the cloud or on premise.

ERP and Office Tools Suite Integration

Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps to increase operations efficiency and everyday communication through integration with Office 365. Integration of the two solutions helps to connect processes, systems and teams for better communication and smart decision making.

Both cloud solutions make it easy for organizations to get started with them without the need to budget for additional infrastructure. Moreover, the solutions are designed with the familiar Microsoft Office interface and hence employees take a shorter time to get on board.

Integration of Dynamics NAV with Office 365 provides various benefits including:

  1. A single sign-on for both Dynamics NAV and Office 365, which makes it simple to manage logins between the two systems.
  2. Fully managed technology by Microsoft allows your IT department to focus on building your business instead of managing technology.
  3. The integration provides greater visibility into how the business is performing.  After all Excel is a good tool for reporting.
  4. Ability to deploy the solutions according to your needs, be it on your servers, on the cloud or using a hybrid approach.
  5. The familiar and simple Microsoft Office interface of Dynamics NAV and Office 365 reduces the time required to get users on board to start using the applications.

Download this PDF for more details or to share with your team:  Dynamics NAV and Office 365 brochure

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Clients First Business Solutions strives to keep all customers – generally, businesses with annual revenues exceeding $10 million – abreast of what’s new in Dynamics NAV by providing information that matters most to them. To find out more about our product and service offerings, contact our sales team at 800.331.8382 or email sales@clientsfirst-tx.com.

ERP software buy tip: Dynamics NAV is heavily discounted until 6/2715.  Reach out to your local Dynamics Partner to find out more!

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