How Does WilloWare Improve on Dynamics GP?

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Improving on one of the best developed and longest standing ERP systems can be a daunting task. Yet the Microsoft Dynamics GP certified developers at WilloWare have done just that!

Founded in 2006, WilloWare has become one of the most sought after ISV developers in the Microsoft Dynamics GP market. They specialize in designing products and customer specific enhancements to the GP platform. By specializing in the target markets of Manufacturing, Distribution and Field Service, they have really created incredible industry specific enhancements that truly cater to these particular verticals.

In this article I want to touch on one of the main products that really boost your Microsoft Dynamics GP performance, the GP PowerPack. The GP PowerPack is an incredible group, or a la carte set, of Dynamics GP enhancements. Often people are asking themselves, “If only Dynamics GP had better customer alerts”. Well, that is just one of many features that are available. Here is a list of some of the more popular ones:

  • Alerts - An Alert attached to a Customer will pop-up wherever the Customer ID is used in GP.  Use Alerts to remind users to include additional items on a sale, suggest add-ons, or to order a specific revision level of a part from a Vendor, or to provide special customer requests.
  • Extended Lot Attributes - Track an unlimited number of user-defined lot attributes beyond the normal five provided by Dynamics GP.
  • Kit Transactions - Transfer all of the components of a kit without having to individually select each component, or create an Inventory Adjustment/Variance to put all of the Kit Components into inventory (or remove them from inventory).
  • U of M Schedule Change Utility - Enables changing a U of M Schedule for an item and automatically updating all affected master record and transaction tables throughout Dynamics GP, Manufacturing and Field Service.  The utility automatically maps Units of Measure between the old Schedule and the new Schedule, which can have the same or large Quantity Decimals.  For example, if the old Schedule has a conversion of Case = 10 Each, and the new Schedule has a conversion of CA = 10 EA, all transactions with Case will be updated to CA.  Normally GP does not roll changes through the system, requiring a manual fix to the Unit of Measure on each transaction or master record.

These are just a few of the features that might influence a manufacturing, distribution or field service client. Along with these Features are an entire army of “Tweaks”. These include areas like:

  • General Ledger
  • Inventory
  • Purchasing
  • Receivables
  • Sales
  • System
  • US Payroll

If you have any questions about these Features and any of the Tweaks that fall in to the above categories you should drop us a line at Custom Information Services.

Find out more about WilloWare and the GP PowerPack and other Business Technology Solutions.

Custom Information Services of the Dallas, Fort Worth and Mid-Cities area is a certified Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner and has been implementing successful ERP systems since 1989. We would be happy to discuss your business processes and evaluate if you are ready for Enterprise Resource Planning and Management Reporter.  You can reach our certified team of consultants and sales professionals at 817-640-0016 or via our Cont Us form at our newly designed website. We encourage you to visit our new website and take advantage of our Dynamics GP Quick-Quote tool.

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