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Ten Reasons to Choose SBSMaybe you are not getting the service level you expect.
Maybe your partner just doesn't understand how your industry really works.
Maybe your partner isn't the product expert they claimed to be.
Maybe your partner can't work within your schedules or budgets.

Having a growing business is great, but dealing with systems that are not keeping up with the pace is not so great. When trying to keep up with client demands, speed and agility are priceless differentiators. If you're being bottlenecked by the time it takes you to accomplish seemingly simple tasks,  you need to find a new solution.

If your current partner can't – or won't – help you fill the gaps in functionality or in service, it's time to find a partner that can meet all of your organization's requirements. Making the right decisions or the wrong decisions on how to deploy, implement and upgrade your ERP system, can have a significant impact on you overall performance.

As a Microsoft Master VAR, SBS Group can provide the highest level of service and support to bring the powerful capabilities of Dynamics AX to your organization. Here are just a few of many reasons why clients choose SBS Group for their Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations and upgrades:

  1. Complete project implementation and support skills
  2. Average tenure of Microsoft Dynamics AX consultant is 4.5 years
  3. Functional and technical AX Masters on staff
  4. Wide range of domain experience
  5. On-site, off-site or off-shore development and support
  6. Dedicated help desk
  7. 50+ certifications in Microsoft Dynamics AX including:
    • Projects
    • Human Resources Management
    • Financial Series
    • Trade & logistics
    • Production
  8. SBS Group Report Migration Tool for Upgrades reduce average conversion time from 10 hours/report to 1 hour/report
  9. Exceptional business expertise in 10 core industries and our National Practices
  10. Dedicated web-based client site for collaboration, document management and project deliverables

Want to learn more about how SBS Group can help your Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation? Read our Press Ganey Case Study to learn how SBS Group helped Press Ganey get rid of their old legacy systems and replace them with tailored solutions that met their speed and agility requirements, and how we can help your company today.

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