New Features You Are Missing Out On in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to 2015

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Do you know what you’re missing if you’re not on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics® GP? The last few versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP - 2013 SP2, 2013 R2 and 2015 have added some excellent new features you should know about. Here are some of those new features so you can evaluate how they might enhance your company’s current processes and future plans.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 New Features

System Features

  • SmartList Designer
    • Create or modify existing SmartLists
    • Select and join data from tables or views
    • Easy to use interface
  • SmartList User Interface Enhancements
    • Hide or auto-hide favorites pane
    • Change widths of favorites pane
    • Remember settings
  • Doc Attach 2.0
    • Ability to email attached documents along with a transaction
    • Mark attachments to flow from master record to transactions
    • Ability to mass delete attached files by date
  • Vendor Combiner & Modifier
    • Combine existing vendor ID with another vendor ID
    • Update existing vendor ID with new ID
    • Vendor ID will update for all existing records
  • Customer Combiner & Modifier
    • Combine existing customer ID with another customer ID
    • Update existing customer ID with new ID
    • Customer ID will update for all existing records



  • Void Payables Transaction Updates
    • Void open transactions by date and document number
    • Void historical transactions
      1. Restrict by vendors, date and document numbers
      2. Browse by vendors
  • Reconcile Bank without Marking Transaction
    • Reconcile bank without marking transaction
    • Maintain audit trails for inactive checkbooks
  • Checkbook IDs on Payment Inquiry Window
    • Display checkbook on inquiry for payment
  • AA Finance Charge Assessment
    • Analytical Accounting codes may be added to finance charge transactions

Human Resources & Payroll


  • Payroll Check Sort Date
    • Default sort order by check date
    • Descending/ascending sort options
  • HR Applicant Email Address
    • Save applicant’s email address directly on the Applicant Card

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 Features


System Features


  • Requisitions
    • New design in core with workflow
    • Order items and goods
    • Combine requisitions to a single PO
  • Workflow
    • Replace existing workflow inside Core
    • Four Approval Workflows:
    • Purchase Order
    • Requisition
    • Project Time
    • Time and Attendance
    • Email Approval
  • Identity Management
    • Simplify Web Client login
    • Reduce Identity Maintenance between apps
    • Support companion app and Service Based Architecture scenarios
  • Web Client Functionality
    • Self Service Home Page
    • Time & Attendance
    • Project Time
    • Requisitions
    • Workflow
    • Identity Management
  • SmartList Designer Additions
    • Create New Go To
    • Integrate with Existing Go To Options
    • Open Form, Navigation List, SmartList, or Web Page
  • Take Company Offline
    • Limit company access for maintenance
    • Assign user with access
    • Message users
  • Microsoft Azure Backups
    • Disaster recovery
    • Restore directly to/from Windows Azure Storage
    • Option in Microsoft Dynamics GP window
  • Print Reaming Docs for Email
    • Print and E-mail in one step
    • Available for E-mail batch Process
    • Available for E-mail Statements Process
  • Print or Email Any Report in Word
    • Ability to send reports in Word format
    • Ability to print reports as Word templates
    • Use Word tools to modify the reports
  • Email Based on Document Type
    • Allow Customer’s to Email documents based on the on specific document type
    • Can Enable or Disable the feature
  • Document Attach Additions
    • Scan Documents Directly to Doc Attach from Scanner
    • Add Doc Attach to Payables
    • Convert OLE Notes to Doc Attach
  • Document Attach OLE Notes
    • OLE File Attachments replaced with Doc Attach
    • Available on both Desktop Client and Web Client
    • Attachments saved in the SQL database

Financial Features


  • Reverse Fiscal Year
    • Ability to reverse the GL Year End Close process
    • Will open the previously closed fiscal year
    • Will warn users to create backups and verify all users out of GP prior to process
  • Fixed Assets
    • New option for Asset IDs
    • More quickly set up asset records
  • Integration of Multi-Currency Revaluation with Analytical Accounting
    • Multicurrency revaluation now be linked with AA
    • AA codes on the original transaction can now be updated per the revaluation process
  • Reprint Outstanding Transaction Reports from Bank Reconciliation
    • Reprint Outstanding Transactions Report
    • Print posting report after posting
  • Default Sort Order for Payables Checks
    • Sort Checks by option will be found in the Payables Management setup
    • Sort options:  Payment Number, Name, State-City or Zip Code
    • Time-saving feature



  • Suggested Item
    • Sales script for each item
    • Analyze option to suggest quantities
    • New fields: Price, Qty. Available,Site ID
  • Assign Item to Multiple Sites
    • Assign an Item to multiple Sites
    • Available from Site Maintenance
  • Payables Prepayment Additions
    • Integrate with Analytical Accounting, Multi-Dimensional Analysis, Cash Flow Management and Project Accounting
    • Show PO Number in Check Inquiry
  • New Encumbrance SQL Reporting Services
    • SSRS Reports that display Encumbrance data
    • Summary and Detail Reports
    • Enable Print SSRS Reports from Encumbrance forms
  • Self Service Home Page
    • New Home Page Content Page
    • Quick & Simplified Navigation
    • Preview Important
    • Information
  • Employee Self Service
    • Self-Service User
    • Business Portal Time & Attendance Replacement
    • Allows Entering ‘Time on Behalf Of’
    • Approval Workflow
  • Project Self Service
    • Self Service Users
    • Project Time Entry with
    • Workflow

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 New Features


System Features


  • Service Based Architecture
  • Identity Management (Web Client)
  • User Setup
    • Copying Home Page and Area Page settings
    • New type of user – Self Serve Home Page Role
  • Management Reporter integration options
    • Company Setup options – use GL or Analytical Accounting or Both
    • Reporting tools setup - Navigation List can include Management Reporter reports
  • SmartList Designer
    • Refreshable Excel Reports – publish reports from SLD from existing SQL views
  • Business Analyzer
    • Updated for Client and companion app (mobile)
    • Includes Management Reporter content in Business Analyzer
  • Additional Workflows:
    • General Ledger batch approval
    • Payables batch approval
    • Vendor approval
    • Receivables batch approval
    • Employee skills approval
    • W4 approval
    • Project expense report approval
  • Payment Terms
    • Calculate from the transaction due date or discount date
    • Additional selections for Due and Discount fields
    • Calculate button shows example of terms
  • Web-Client support additional modules:
    • Invoicing
    • Canadian Payroll



  • Intercompany Enhancements
    • JE Inquiry window more transaction information
    • Changes are made in originating company also made in destination company (i.e. voids)
  • Accounts Payable
    • Warn if Vendor has existing PO added to Payables Setup
    • Edit email for historical vendor remittances- edit and resend email messages
  • Accounts Receivable
    • Edit email for historical customer statements- edit and resend email messages
  • Fixed Assets
    • Fixed Assets year-end close report

Human Resources


  • Employee Self Service enhancement
    • View and edit employee profile
    • View and print employee paystubs
    • W4 withholding information
    • View and change Employee Direct Deposit
    • View Employee Benefits
    • View and change Employee Skills and Training



  • Navigation List of notifications for workflow approvals
    • List for approvers of workflow steps awaiting approvers action
  • Affordable Care Act 
    • New fields for ACA codes for 1095-C on HR Benefits
    • Dependent information for ACA for 1095-C on HR Benefits
  • Purchase Order Processing
    • Edit email for historical documents- edit and resend email messages from Edit E-mail button on Sales Inquiry Zoom
  • Sales Order Processing
    • Edit email for historical documents- edit and resend email messages from Edit E-mail button on Purchase Inquiry Zoom

Here are some great resources for the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP:

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3 thoughts on “New Features You Are Missing Out On in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to 2015”

  1. Hi! Thank you very much for listing out all the important features of GP Version wise. I am planning to start an online retail store for motorcycling gears and accessories. The above list of features will be far more helpful if you can highlight or underline the features that applicable for E-Commerce functions. I am planning to use Magento CE for webfront. So I just need the above listed features underlined/bold/highlighted that addresses the E-Commerce functionality requirements from a Store Manager's point of view.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hi David, The emailing of Attachments is only available in SOP and POP. Documents can be attached to Payables Management Transaction Entry, but they cannot be emailed. We've not heard whether or not this feature comes with GP 2015 R2, but hopefully we'll all know soon. Thank you for the question and clarification.

  3. Hello,

    In the above post there is,

    Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 SP2 New Features

    Doc Attach 2.0
    Ability to email attached documents along with a transaction

    I believe this functionality is only for Sales Transactions and Purchase Orders. With GP 2013 R2 you can attach documents to payables transactions, but you cannot e-mail those attached documents to vendors. From what i'm told this feature has been added in GP 2015 R2. Is this correct?


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