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Our new lead HR consultant, Claire Asbury, recently conducted a webinar to highlight how Avastone can assist in everyday HR questions and concerns.

Topics included:

  • Minimizing risk when terminating employees
  • Hiring and aligning the right people to match business processes and standards
  • Maintaining compliance and best practices to maximize business gains

Questions we were able to address within the webinar:

  • How can I be prepared to remain compliant with ACA?
  • Do I have to pay someone overtime if it was not authorized?
  • When is it necessary to have a 2nd person in the room?

Check out our recorded webinar featured on our website and contact Claire Asbury for the following services:

  • On Site Assessment
  • Compliance Audit
  • ‘On Call’ HR Support
  • Out Sourcing Service
  • Projects
  • Training


Call or Email Claire today! 920-687-4109 or casbury@avastonetech.com

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