Dynamics GP for Nonprofits: Financial Challenges

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As a nonprofit organization, you are presented with unique organizational challenges different than those of small to medium sized businesses. What is important to you is not necessarily what would be important to, say, a professional services firm. You need technology that meets your needs and provides the most efficient, and easy-to-use platform on which to meet them. Why waste time on business processes that can take away from your true mission or are too complicated to be done quickly?

Take grant management and fund accounting for example. These are essential parts of running a nonprofit organization. Unfortunately, many nonprofits waste considerable time and money in processing their transactions and reports. If a fund management audit is performed only once a year, chances are mistakes and other errors could occur.

Another piece of the puzzle you have to worry about is the security of your data. With many nonprofit organizations running on limited resources, employees sometimes have many diverse tasks to complete, leading to a lack of focus on areas like financial management. Regardless of how large or small the organization is, prime areas exist within the financial management system that have potential for security breaches. Often, organizations spend most of their time seeking grants and donations, as well as catering to their members and donors. Where does one find the time to audit each aspect of the organization? It is critical for nonprofit finance leaders to examine their policies and procedures regularly. This will ensure that you are taking all necessary steps to guard against an attack on the organizations assets.

The interconnectivity of a solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform provides you the efficiency and ease of access to compel users to remain diligent in their completion of tasks. Dynamics GP can easily integrate with tools many nonprofits use every day, like Microsoft Office, to ensure your organization has the insight necessary to thrive.

Contact BroadPoint, one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics partners on the east coast serving associations and nonprofit organizations, for more information on how we’re helping organizations better manage their grants.

by BroadPoint Technologies, LLC

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