The Best Add-Ons for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015

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Throughout its history, Microsoft has always excelled at creating ecosystems, building products that are easy to develop for, along with communities of users who continue to build on those products. Microsoft Dynamics is no exception. One of its greatest strengths is its extensibility, and the Dynamics community has certainly risen to the occasion, creating a number of powerful add-ons that increase the value of your Dynamics ERP installation.

There are so many add-ons, in fact, that it can be difficult to know where to start. To help you get your footing, here are a few top add-ons for new users.

Multilingual GP

Multilingual GP is an add-on that does exactly as its name implies: translates the software’s interface, data, forms and reports. Currently, the software supports:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Dari
  • Dutch - Belgium
  • Dutch - Netherlands
  • English - Singapore
  • French - European
  • French - Canadian
  • German
  • Irish
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese - European
  • Portuguese - Brazilian
  • Russian
  • Spanish - European
  • Spanish - Latin American
  • Swedish
  • Urdu

The software is ideal for multi-national companies and operates without changing the underlying Dynamics code, instead relying on translation files to handle the process.

Restricted Party Screening

In today’s inter-connected economy, keeping up with U.S. export laws can be a significant task. If your company routinely does business with foreign companies, Sherwood Systems’ Restricted Party Screening for Dynamics GP is a must-have.

The software automatically screens records against the various “restricted party lists” that government agencies maintain. By integrating with eCustoms Visual Compliance web application, the software can provide results without the user ever leaving Dynamics GP. It also includes the following features.

  • Automatically screens customers, vendors, sales and purchase documents as they are added in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • If the company name, contact name, address or country is found on a restricted party list, the record is placed on hold and assigned an alert level.
  • Alert level red indicates a match was found on two of the possible four search criteria. A yellow alert means a match was found on the company name or contact name, or the country is on the Risk Country list.
  • A status screen displays the records with the alert level and a drill-back to the results of the search – the same results that appear on the Visual Compliance website.
  • The user determines if a record should be released and if processing should be allowed to continue on with the sales or purchasing of documents.


One of the biggest challenges many companies face is integrating their data across the various enterprise applications they rely on to handle their business. That’s where Scribe comes in.

“The Scribe Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP simplifies data loading into Dynamics GP by using Microsoft eConnect, encapsulating the business rules of Dynamics GP, enforcing the same logic that is applied when you add or change records using the user interface so data integrity is assured. Scribe Insight and the Dynamics GP Adapter offer customers groundbreaking advantages over alternative approaches to integration with Dynamics GP.”


One complaint many companies have with Dynamics GP is the rudimentary time and expense tracking components. At Journyx, we have been providing best-in-class time and expense tracking software since 1996. We bring that experience to Dynamics GP, ensuring GP users have the best time tracking option on the market.

Without a doubt, getting started with Dynamics GP can be an intimidating experience. With the help of a few top add-ons, however, GP can provide the functionality you need and offer a streamlined experience that will save your company time and money.

About the Author: Curt Finch is the CEO of Journyx, a Certified Microsoft Partner. Journyx maximizes the value of Microsoft Dynamics by adding enterprise time tracking. Journyx Accountlink for Microsoft Dynamics allows companies to quickly implement a complete time tracking solution using existing business data in Dynamics. Connect with Curt on Google+.

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  1. Hi - We are looking to implement an end-to-end procurement system to GP. Is there any system that you recommended that is easy to integrate?

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