10 Recommended Software Tools for Dynamics GP

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If you know anything about Dynamics GP the next sentence will come as no surprise to you.   Microsoft Dynamics GP is, in my opinion, the best mid-market ERP solution available today – and it’s only getting better.  Microsoft has committed millions of dollars to building and improving on Dynamics GP, with hundreds of enhancements in the last couple of releases alone.   Despite the fact that out of the box Dynamics GP comes with so much functionality and flexibility, however, it’s not possible for one software solution to be THE software solution in all situations.

Enter one of the most spectacular parts of the Dynamics GP ecosystem – the Partner Community.   Over the years the Dynamics GP partner community has created many industry and task specific software tools based on various scenarios they have run into where out of the box Dynamics GP didn’t quite meet the needs of the situation.  Some of these solutions have been industry leaders for over 20 years!  The last time I checked, there were over 350 of these tools available.  These are all tools that will save you time, money, aggravation and in many cases all three!

Here is our list of the 10 most recommended Dynamics GP tools that will make your ERP (and your life) better.

Smart View

Dynamics GP stores a wealth of information about the transactions that keep your business moving.    Sometimes you want to get a view of these transactions across multiple segments, product types and dates for example.   While you can get this kind of information from SmartList in GP, it’s not always easy or your dataset might be so large that GP actually slows down.  One of the big reasons for running Smartlist is just to export data to Excel so you can do a proper analysis there.  SmartView is an excellent way to make it easier for you to quickly view and analyze your Dynamics GP data.

SmartView makes use of the same queries that drive SmartLists .  With the internal version (user is logged into GP), you also get all of the drill around functionality inherent in SmartList.  But the similarities basically stop there.  Exporting data to Excel or a text file is about 10 times faster when using SmartView.   Instead of having a limited number of filters with SmartView for Dynamics GP you can have an unlimited number of filters.  You can simultaneously sort any number of columns, you can pivot based on the columns, and you can group and sum your data.  There’s even a desktop version that can be used by non-GP users.  The list goes on but statistics show you’re going to stop reading this post soon and we have a lot more to show you.

SmartView essentially gives you the viewing and sorting power of an Excel spreadsheet from directly within GP and allows users access to GP data without requiring them to log in to GP.

BinaryStream Multi Entity Management (MEM)

In a traditional setup, Dynamics GP uses a separate database per company in your corporate structure.  With companies centralising more and more functions, this structure means many users are changing companies several times per day as part of their regular data entry.  The minute or so this takes may not seem like much, but what if you do that 15 times per day? That’s a whole coffee break extra per day!  The multi-database structure also adds complexity to reporting and maintenance.

In order to make things easier BinaryStream’s Multi-Entity Manager MEM provides consolidated management of all entities on one database.  Larger companies or companies with complex corporate structures would benefit most from MEM.

MEM gives you the ability to manage complex intercompany transactions between entities through intercompany relationships and leveraging the automated intercompany processing feature.  MEM also eases transaction entry by ensuring appropriate account distributions through the automated facility segment substitution/overrides.

The value of the data housed inside Dynamics GP is apparent when you can generate entity-specific reporting such as Accounts Payable/Receivable trial balances, Employee Taxes, Accounts Payable/Payroll check formats all from within one GP database.

Companies using MEM see a drastic reduction in the time it takes to reconcile transactions across multiple entities.

BinaryStream Property management

As mentioned earlier, Dynamics GP is a highly flexible solution that can be made to fit any business.  For some types of businesses we are able to use industry specific tools such as BinaryStream’s Property Management (PrM) solution to make that configuration a snap.  Being able to effectively manage real estate business functions, such as lease administration, billing, budgeting, and common area expense allocation is critical to the success of any real estate management company.    Managing complex requirements for retail (shopping malls and strip malls), franchises, commercial and real estate investment trusts is not an out of the box solution for base Dynamics GP.

With PrM you can manage all aspects of your tenant and landlord lease requirements with the robust reporting and accounting engine from Microsoft Dynamics GP.  You can create budgets, by mall or specific type of property.   Simplified management of lease creation and maintenance, complex escalations, CAM reconciliations, pro-rated, sales-based rent or metered charges means increased efficiency and reduced management costs.   Never get caught with an outdated lease rate.  Easily escalate charges by rate schedules, Consumer Price Index (CPIs), percentages, fixed amounts, or other rate drivers such as cost per square foot.

BinaryStream’s Property Management solution is the industry leading toolset for property managers using Dynamics GP.

WennSoft Job Cost Management

Contracting is another area where Dynamics GP can take advantage of industry leading functionality in the form of a fully integrated Construction Project Management package from WennSoft.   The many change orders and sub-contractors involved in construction projects would be a real test for basic Dynamics GP.

Fortunately WennSoft has spent a considerable amount of time building integrated construction management functionality such as Job Cost and Service Management.  Once integrated you will be able to easily manage construction costs by closely tracking all components of projects, including subcontractor, labor, materials, equipment, and other defined costs.  The ability to compare estimated, committed and actual costs for any project phase will help manage costs and risks for any sized construction type or job based project.  Need to make sure your sub’s Worker’s Comp is up to date?  No Problem, the Job Cost module includes reports to help you maintain certifications and compliance with applicable standards for all of your subcontractors.

The field service management functionality provided by is a  leading solution for  Dynamics GP.   You will love the ability to reschedule work on the fly and to fully document a service visit from a mobile device.

Rockton Software

Over the course of any given year you will most likely search for thousands of records within Dynamics GP.   You won’t always know exactly how to describe what you are looking for which can lead to frustration.  There is an easy fix for this with Rockton’s SmartFill for GP.  The out-of-the-box search function in Dynamics GP uses a simple “begins with” search.  Smartfill on the other hand looks at the full contents of the field in order to find a match.

Anyone that has complicated inventory names, vendor numbers, customer numbers or item numbers would benefit greatly from Rockton’s Smartfill.

JOVACO Project Suite

Designed primarily for service based organizations, Jovaco Project Suite is the only solution we have seen anywhere in the mid-market that brings together both project accounting AND project management.  Given the focus on project management, and the flexibility of setup, Jovaco Project Suite is also a great fit in other industries such as film and television.

Project Managers can import their Work Breakdown from Microsoft Project and then align tasks and milestones with Accounting.  Billing options include time and materials, percentage of completion, milestone billing, and many others.  Billing rates can be assigned based on customer, resource, or many other factors.  Resources can enter both billable and non-billable time and expenses through a web interface, which comes with its own approval workflow.

Jovaco Project Suite is also the only project solution we’ve seen that allows projects to seamlessly span Dynamics GP company databases.  It also does a great job of interdepartmental billings if that is something you require.

Lastly, Jovaco Project Suite isn’t just for Dynamics GP.  Users of Dynamics CRM can make use of all the same information listed above, and can even create and manage projects.

Panatrack Warehouse Management System

Buying, selling and managing inventory is something that Dynamics GP does easily and well.   Physically keeping track of inventory is bit harder, especially in larger, more complex warehousing environments.   This is where a Warehouse Management System from Panatrack becomes helpful.   PanatrackerGP brings time-saving automation and barcode technology to speed up and improve accuracy behind inventory management.  You can use barcodes to track raw materials, assemblies, and finished products as they enter, move around, and are shipped out of your warehouse.  PanatrackerGP also enables tracking of items that may be shifted between bins, if using multiple bins, or between warehouses and distribution centers.  You can have accurate inventory data and know where it is located in real time.

By using PanatrackGP your inventory will be labeled for accurate order picking that is simple to manage.  Stock counts will take a fraction of the previous effort saving time both in the counting and the managing of inventory.

Fastpath Audit Trail

Some companies, especially public companies, need a much higher level of control for the ERP solution than Dynamics GP delivers out of the box.  While we can create and enforce many policies in Dynamics GP, the ability to quickly and effectively audit these controls doesn’t exist in the standard GP deployment.   Fastpath Audit Trail meets and exceeds this need.

Fastpath Audit Trail monitors and tracks all changes to critical systems data whether made from external sources or within Dynamics GP.  Segregation of duties (SOD) analysis is much easier to perform  and research suggests that an annual decrease in audit preparation time and cost by as much as 70% is possible.  (see the report)

The Fastpath Audit Trail software is an excellent example of how Dynamics GP can be enhanced for those companies that need very specific industry solutions.


We think GP is awesome and is a wonderful management tool.   It’s so good in fact, that you might find yourself handling more orders per employee than you have in the past.  All those orders generate a steady stream of paper forms that take up space and are hard to reference.  Papersave can remove these drawbacks of your success with Dynamics GP.

Open any transaction associated to a Purchase Order or Sales Order to see all related documents.  This allows easy access to a customer's PO, packaging slip, delivery ticket, AR invoice etc. when a shipping order inquiry is made.  With one click you can send supporting documents to the customer by email to help resolve their questions or concerns within seconds, eliminating the need for call backs or time spent tracking down information.

Everyone wants to have back up documents to help answer questions but searching for and retrieving those documents can consume as much as 20-30% of an employee’s day.


Most business still pay their bills with an old fashioned cheque.  While electronic fund transfers are becoming more common you can expect to be printing cheques for some time to come.   Bring the cheque writing process into the computer age with Mekorma.

Mekorma offers the best-selling cheque printing enhancement for Dynamics GP.  Easily manage multiple checking accounts, add check printing security, and eliminate the manual check signing process.  MICR is available for Purchasing, US Payroll and Canadian Payroll.   In addition to a number of helpful printing features, with Mekorma you can also streamline the cheque signing process by having Mekorma do it based on the approvers user ID and the face value of the payment.   In this way cheque authorization can be done from a remote location.   The signer does not need to be physically present with pen in hand – sorry pen industry.

If you are creating a high volume of cheques then you need Mekorma.  It will make your business more efficient and more secure.

By Briware Solutions  https://www.briwaresolutions.com/


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  1. Hi,
    Our company just switched over to Dynamics GP 2015 Web Client. However Mekorma is not compatible with web client? Is anyone else having this issue, or is there a suggested printer that is compatible?

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