12 Last Minute Tips for Microsoft Convergence 2015

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Convergence Whether you have been going to Microsoft Convergence for years or are a first-timer, there are some things that bear repeating.  These are our tips for a great time at Microsoft Convergence 2015 - Atlanta:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes – there will be lots of walking at this very large convention center.
  2. Don’t worry about breakfast at your hotel – you will get food 4 or 5 times a day at the conference, including a full breakfast.
  3. Don’t forget your business cards.  Even in 2015, we still use those heavily at the conference.  When you consider that there will be 13,000+ attendees at Microsoft Convergence 2015, you'll want to be able to make connections.
  4. Make sure you know how to tweet or post to social media. The conference generates a ton of buzz and if you participate, you’ll get noticed.
  5. On checkout day at your hotel, just bring your bags with you to the convention center. There is a handy, free luggage check right next to registration.
  6. Be sure that you have all of your colleague, friend, vendor and partner contacts cell phone numbers. Text is the single best way to communicate at the conference.
  7. Don’t forget your device chargers! I always travel with one of these mini travel chargers. There are several out there, this just happens to be my fave.
  8. The dress code is casual. You can wear anything from jeans and t-shirts to business attire. Be comfortable and dress in layers. Those rooms can be chilly or sweltering, depending on the session size.
  9. For outdoors, bring a jacket or a sweater/sweatshirt. Atlanta has been a little chilly the past two Springs.
  10. Did you forget to leave room in your luggage for conference swag? Just head across the street from the convention center and ship all your goodies back to your offices via FedEx.
  11. Even if you aren't a planner, it's very wise to at least sketch out your conference schedule.  The Microsoft Convergence 2015 website has great tools to help you.  Check out the list of Add-on solutions (ISVs) and make a short-list of the ones you absolutely want to visit. Time can fly and you don't want to miss out on the chance to be face-to-face with vendors.
  12. If your Microsoft Partner is attending, let them know that you are. Even if you don't need hand-holding, it will be an excellent opportunity to meet face to face and get to know each other better.  [We're a fun bunch, I'm sure your Partner is too.]

by Crestwood Associates

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