Tip 1: Using the IRS TIN Matching Program

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Are you considering using the IRS TIN Matching Program? If so, check out Tip #1 in our series of 15 AP Tips for 2015. Over the next few weeks we'll be sharing different tips for AP success in 2015 so be sure to check back frequently.

IRS TIN Matching  Tip Number 1: Use the IRS TIN Matching Program

Let's begin by answering the million dollar question for this tip, "What is the IRS TIN Matching Program?" The TIN Matching Program is part of a suite of internet-based pre-filing electronic services that enable authorized payers the opportunity to match 1099 payee information against IRS records prior to filing.

There are two programs available

There is Interactive TIN Matching, which will accept up to 25 payee TIN/Name combinations on-screen and then there is Bulk TIN Matching, which will allow up to 100,000 payee TIN/Name combinations to be matched via a text file submission.

Both programs will accomplish the following:

  • Match the payee name and TIN with IRS records
  • Decrease backup withholding and penalty notices
  • Reduce the error rate in TIN validation

 Where can you go to find out more? Check out these resources that are available on the IRS website:

What errors will TIN matching identify for you?


“0” – indicates the name/TIN combination matches IRS records.
“1” - indicates TIN was missing or TIN is not a 9 digit number.
“2” – indicates TIN entered is not currently issued.
“3” – indicates the name/TIN combination do not match IRS records.
“4” - indicates an invalid TIN Matching request.
“5” – indicates a duplicate TIN Matching request.
“6” - (matched on SSN), when the TIN type is (3), unknown, and a Matching TIN and name control
is found only on the NAP DM1 database.
“7” - (matched on EIN), when the TIN type is (3), unknown, and a matching TIN and name control is
found only on the EIN/NC database.
“8” - (matched on EIN and SSN), when the TIN type is (3), unknown, and matching TIN and name
control is found only on both the EIN/NC and NAP DM1 databases

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