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Most people know Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) as a collaborative portal that improves the implementation process.  By delivering implementation methodologies and template business processes, LCS allows companies to more rapidly realize a return on their Microsoft Dynamics investment.

But LCS delivers value in another expected area: audit and risk management.   Utilizing the business process modeling helps auditors better understand business processes, save time on communicating and confirming business processes with management, identify risks, controls, deficiencies, and inefficiencies, and develop recommendations for improvements. This can result in a significant savings both with internal and external audits.

The business process modeling also helps identify gaps and risk between the organization and Microsoft Dynamics.  Once identified these risks can be better eliminated or mitigated.

Business process maps provide a great baseline for testing and documentation.  This helps ensure that users are following proper procedures and policies.  It also reduces the time it takes to train or cross train end users in the business and on Microsoft Dynamics.

Finally, the business process modeling and task recorders provide a requirements foundation for the application security.  The maps make it easy to understand and visualize what roles need to perform what function within Microsoft Dynamics.  When processes are added or changed, the maps make it clear which roles need to be modified and which users should gain or lose access.

For more information about how LCS can assist your organization with audit and risk management, join Shelly Bakke, Microsoft Senior Program Manager at Dynamics GRC Day March 20, 2015 in Atlanta.

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