Keep Projects On-Time And Within Budget With ERP

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Project managers at consulting firms are often responsible for pricing, managing, and billing customers for services or special projects.  Managing expenses or counting billable hours from your team can be challenging, and fraught with mistakes when done using spreadsheets or other specialty software.  Deploy an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and complete your projects on-time and within budget with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Managing projects often begins with your top talent performing tasks or services for customers.  These projects need to follow the budgetary and time guidelines that you proposed to customers.  If you are managing time and expenses in spreadsheets, then you are already at least one step behind with your data.  Waiting for timesheets and expense reports means that your team has already spent time and/or money on a project and you won’t know if you are within budget or over-budget until you finish transcribing the data from the most recent timesheet.  Get ahead of the process and stay ahead with an ERP solution such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP.

You can manage all of your business operations, including specific projects within Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Your team can enter data, in real-time, into this centralized solution.  Entering time, expenses, and other customer details directly into Microsoft Dynamics GP is more efficient than transcribing it between spreadsheets and specialty solutions.  This data can be used and shared by different departments for different purposes.  For example, your project manager can create a proposal and use that same data as a guideline for a new project.  Your team can enter time, expenses, and other details that can be associated with that project.  As a result, your project managers can monitor budgetary costs and milestone activities and respond faster should projects deviate from plans.  The same financial information, for example, can then be used for invoicing or monitoring project or operational expenses.

Using a centralized, integrated ERP solution is more efficient and can improve productivity for your team.  In addition, built-in business intelligence can provide visibility throughout your operations which you can use to make improvements, including profit margins.  Contact Premier Computing, Inc. to learn more about using ERP to keep your projects on-time and within budget while improving the productivity and profitability of your business.

By Premier Computing, Inc., a Gold Certified Microsoft ERP and CRM Partner out of Utah

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