Getting Back To Work After Business Trips

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After getting back to the office from an important business trip, are you able to get to work immediately on the new business that you brought back or are you stuck with a stack of travel-related tasks?  Don’t shuffle receipts – get back to what matters by replacing inadequate software with a more robust expense management solution.

Every business traveler dreads it – the tedious, time-consuming compilation of receipts that require reimbursement to the employee and/or correlation to a customer account.  Lengthy trips or multiple trips can take even longer to organize with stacks of paper receipts that need to be categorized, then transcribed onto forms or into accounting software.  Instead of pushing projects forward, you’re stuck with pushing paperwork and trying to update project budgets to make sure they are somehow still intact.  There is a better way to manage travel-related expenses and you can try it out for free, for 30 days.

Concur Travel & Expense can cut the amount of time your business travelers and accounting team spend handling receipts and expense reports.  While on the road, your team can capture data from receipts using their smartphones or tablets.  Images of receipts can be attached to expenses and those paper receipts can be tossed.  Concur Expense seamlessly integrates with many enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and supports multiple currencies and languages.  As your business travelers encounter various currency exchange rates or changing car mileage allowances, Concur Expense can calculate those changing variables, reducing the confusion and the additional time needed for employees to calculate them on their own.

As data is being submitted in real-time with the Concur mobile app, managers can review and approve expense reports faster.  The faster reports are approved, the faster employees get reimbursed, vendors get paid, and customers get invoiced.  Not only can you stay on top of project-specific or overall corporate finances, you and your team can spend more time on the tasks that matter most, including your customers.

Take advantage of this special offer to streamline your travel and expense reporting.  Contact Concur Technologies, Inc. for more information about Concur Travel & Expense to learn how you can get back to work faster after business trips.

By Concur Technologies, Inc., a Travel & Expense Solution Provider out of Washington

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