Activity Tracking Within GP: Cracking the Audit Trail

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While working within Microsoft Dynamics GP, have you ever wondered who updated a vendor card with a new address? Have you wished for the ability to track posting or user login/logouts within the system as well?

We've got some great news for you.

These features are built-in. All you have to do is turn them on, and you're ready to make the most out of your Microsoft Dynamics GP software.

Activities you can track in GP:

Activity tracking can be turned on for each of the following areas:

  • Login tracking –  determine when a user successfully (or unsuccessfully) logs in
  • Access tracking – track which windows/reports a user accesses
  • File tracking – view additions, deletions, and modifications to transaction files, setup files, and master files (vendor cards, checkbook masters, etc)
  • Process tracking – track file maintenance, routines, and utilities processes
  • Posting tracking – track the posting of invoices, bank transactions, cash receipts,  check/EFT payments, and any other posting activities

How to enable activity tracking in GP:

This great feature can be set up by those users with access to the Administration tab and administrative privileges. From the Administration homepage, under Setup click on Activity Tracking:

Microsoft Dynamics GP screenshot activity tracking


After activity tracking is enabled, the selected users can then view activity through the administrative home page inquiry and report windows (see below). IMPORTANT: Only users with security rights can view these reports and windows.

Users can also create SQL or Excel reports based off the system table: DYNAMICS..SY05000.

Microsoft Dynamics GP screenshot activity tracking setup


Depending on how many different activities you are tracking, the system table can fill up fast and take up storage space on your server. It is very important, therefore, that you maintain the system (within activity tracking) on a regular basis. This lets you remove past activity and will clear up space for more storage in the table. Maintenance can be done by an administrator via the administrative tab (under utilities):

Dynamics GP screenshot activity detail

Learn more about activity tracking:

Microsoft Dynamics GP's powerful built-in feature grants you the ability to find out who made changes and when they made them. For more information regarding activity tracking or for assistance in setting up this feature, feel free to contact us at InterDyn Artis:

(704) 846-6750

by InterDyn Artis

1 thought on “Activity Tracking Within GP: Cracking the Audit Trail”

  1. I would like to know, during GP 2010 upgrade to GP2016, do we need to disable audit trail module prior to upgarde? As audit trail module is not available in GP2016.

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