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1 thought on “Spanish1”

  1. Why do car manufactures insist upon timing belts and
    interference engines? These motors are ticking time bombs
    which will likely harm some (if not most) engine elements as soon as the belt snaps.
    It will harm the camshaft, the valves, the cylinder head,
    the pistons, and perhaps the crankshaft. Unlike interference engines with timing belts, noninterference motors with the timing...
    show more perhaps you should first learn something about that you obviously know absolutely nothing if a timing belt
    breaks because you possess not bothered with the maintenance
    the just damage done is some bent valves no head harm , engine damage,
    cam shaft harm, crank shaft damage and besides that with a non interference engine
    valve damage can occur also it the belt broke at high
    rpm chains may also snap and knock holes in the timing cover , rip up crank cog tooth and lock up an engine
    all well before 300k miles

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