3 Simple Steps to Add Spanish & French Language Packs to Dynamics GP

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How would you like to give your Dynamics GP users access in Spanish or French Canadian even though your system runs in English? This amazing benefit is available with the GP 2013 Starter Pack. 

You’ll see these additional language options available if you look in CustomerSource under “License Keys.” (Having trouble getting into CustomerSource? Email your account manager and he/she can set you up in minutes or resend an invite to register.)
Add Language options screen

3 Simple Steps to Add Languages

  1. Make sure you’re logged in as the Administrator and download the FRCA (French Canadian) client or ESLA (Spanish) client from the downloads page: https://mbs.microsoft.com/customersource/northamerica/gp/downloads/MDGP2013_Release_Download
  2. Install the client version that corresponds to your Dynamics GP server version. Set up a new instance and name the folder. An example of an appropriate name is GP2013FRCA or GP2013ESLA. Only install the modules that are already installed for your main Dynamics GP system. Failure to do so could create new database objects and you want to make sure everything is in sync according to best practices. You can validate which modules you’d like installed by clicking on “add remove programs” on your GP server.
    Spanish 2
    The module names will be displayed in the new language on this selection list. For example, “Fixed Assets” is “Administracion de Activos fijos.”
  3. Once the install is complete, run Utilities under the newly created “Microsoft Dynamics” folder to perform a Dynamics GP Sync.

Once those three steps are complete, users can now operate Dynamics GP in a new language. Below is a sample sales order entry screen in the Spanish Latin American version of GP 2013 R2.


If you have questions about setting up Dynamics GP in other languages or need additional assistance, call Crestwood Associates at 847-394-8820 ext. 7 or email support@crestwood.com.

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