How To Find The Right ERP Software In 2015

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Online Shopping for ERP in the 21st Century

My job as a salesperson has changed and evolved over the years.  In the 20th century most business owners, presidents, CEOs, CFOs, etc., had their assistant ask around to find out what other companies used for their business software.  They also asked friends, associations that they belonged to and every once in a while took a call from a software salesperson.  I have sent out postcards, letters and made numerous calls to prospective companies selling ERP or I should say, Enterprise Resource Planning software.   Working within a niche is the best way to add new customers therefor I have spent a lot of time working with food, beverage and chemical companies.   Once I got a good lead, I needed to prove to the prospect that our company understood their industry and show the software functionality through presentations.

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That was then this is now

In the 21st century businesses are still doing some of the same manual research and we are still selling to niche industries, sending out direct mail and making phone calls, but now we sell and market through so many more avenues!   And now, the prospect is going even further in the sales process with the use of the Internet.    Of course if you are reading this then you are probably looking for a new ERP software.    Now we have a plethora of resources on ERP to find out what software is best for our business.

Where should I start?

Of course you should always start searching for ERP by deciding how much money you are throwing away now by using an outdated system that does not work for your line of business.  Think about duplicate entries your staff has to make from one system to another.  Consider how many spreadsheets are in use now – you may need to speak to each department individually to get the true answer.   So, the first step to consider is Budget.   Spend as much as you can afford.  Business software is not an area to cheap out on.   If you are a manufacturer, then expect to spend more than you buddy down the street that sells widgets.  If you are a food or chemical manufacturer, then expect to spend more than your neighbor that makes bicycles.    Be honest with the sales people you talk to when asked what your budget is.  I can help guide companies by providing a range based on some basic factors such as size of business, industry, and number of users.


Google your industry + software and then take some time to research the results.  For example, if you are a company that does maintenance, repair and overhaul for aviation then google that term or shorten it to ‘MRO for Aviation Software’.    Yes, Clients First has a niche solution and markets to MRO companies.    (We actually have a module written for Dynamics AX that is very successful.  Primarily because we have expertise, references, great functionality AND we have Dynamics AX as the engine.  So, if you have the need for distribution, manufacturing or other lines of business other than MRO, we can handle it!)

Once you hit the website look for…

  • Testimonials
  • Current brochures
  • Viability of the publisher (we know Microsoft is going to be around forever)
  • Partner experience with all of your line of business needs
  • Online demonstrations
  • Whitepapers
  • Blogs


Search on YouTube

You can watch a video now for just about anything!  I am happy to say that my husband and I saved a ton of money by watching how to repair our dryer on YouTube.   The last thing I want to buy is a new dryer…not a fun purchase.   A good example of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV YouTube site is ours of course:  You can learn a lot about the software and the Partner on YouTube.  We try to educate and sell to folks that view our videos.  A few examples of videos we have posted are:

  • Extended Project Manager for MRO – Project Quick Quote
  • Extended Project Manager for MRO – Invoicing
  • Clients First for Food and Beverage Organizations

Talk to the experts

The use of the Internet to search for software has really made my job easier.  There have been cases when prospects call or email us ready to buy the software.   They have done their research on the software and our company so all that is left is to complete discovery to make sure that the software is right for their business issues and provide a quote.   Preliminary costs for Dynamics NAV can also be done by the prospect on our Quick Quote page:

Reach out to seasoned software sales people at Clients First.  We have 8 locations and in the Dallas Fort Worth office we have 3 salespeople with 15 plus years’ experience each.  Clients First is also a Gold ERP Partner with Microsoft.  We represent Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV and our development team has created a module for MRO; EPM, Extended Project Management.

By Nancy Phillippi, Dynamics AX and NAV Sales at Clients First in Dallas Fort Worth Texas.

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