Add Business Intelligence to Your New Year’s Resolution List

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The number one New Year’s resolution nearly every year is to get in shape and live a healthier lifestyle. The popularity of this resolution is apparent each January as consumers are bombarded with sales on fitness equipment, ads for gym memberships and nutrition supplement promotions. Other popular resolutions include: getting organized, saving more money, learning something new, quitting smoking and falling in love.

This year we’re encouraging our customers to learn something new by adding Business Intelligence to their list of resolutions. With today’s software functionality, you can gain valuable insights into your business's finances, including the ability to know what’s coming and not just what’s currently happening. With Business Intelligence in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can:

  • Identify where sales are headed and how inventory stacks up.
  • Help predict trends and avoid pitfalls.
  • Know how profits are projecting, and be ready to react.
  • Determine when to add products or services.


Watch a 40 second video about Business Intelligence
Watch a 40-second video about Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is included in Microsoft Dynamics GP and combines all of your information into single reports that allow you to prepare for the future and gain more insight into the true status of your business. 2015 is the year to resolve to be proactive, instead of reactive, with Business Intelligence.



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