The 3 Worst Reasons To Not Upgrade Your ERP

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When talking to businesses that want to upgrade their ERP, there are many legitimate reasons that they decide to wait – financial concerns, uncertainty about new requirements that may be coming down the road, time constraints, etc. Usually, one of those reasons is why a company puts off an upgrade. But to be sure, there are also those times when companies put off an upgrade with a line of reasoning that is just….well, flat out wrong! Three of the worst are:


Our IT infrastructure cannot handle the upgrade

It is amazing how often businesses will use this rationale – that machines or servers or internet connections will not allow for an upgrade that in every other way make sense to their business. Sure, upgrading your IT creates a significant added expense on top of the ERP upgrade, but that should never, ever hold a company back. For one – if you have done your due diligence and realized that an ERP upgrade will provide a significant Return on Investment, why let the cost of upgrading your IT stop you? And secondly, if your IT is holding you back when it comes to ERP, it likely is holding you back in other areas of your business – all the more reason to remove that obstacle.


Our processes will not work in the new solution

Once upon a time, this was a legitimate concern – that new software would impose a new of way of doing business that you would have to adapt to. But Microsoft Dynamics GP is both flexible and role based – meaning that it can adjust to the way you do business, rather than the other way around.


Our staff will not want to learn a new solution

While this may on the surface sound like a legitimate reason to not buy a new ERP solution, it is not. Again, if you have done your due diligence on the value of the product, and you are working with the right implementation partner, any initial staff concerns about switching to a new accounting solution will fade as staff realize the benefits of what the new software will do.


By Intellitec Solutions, a Dynamics GP partner serving clients in Delaware and Pennsylvania

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