Why Seven Different People in Your Distribution Company Will Love Dynamics GP

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When you implement new accounting software in your distribution company it shouldn’t just make the finance department happy. It should make life easier for everyone in your organization, in all different departments.

Here are a few examples of how 7 different people, in 7 different roles, can be impacted by a new Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution system:

George in Sales:

  • Views customer purchase history (credit holds, orders, balances)
  • Tracks inventory across multiple locations
  • Generates quotes
  • Uses the embedded mini CRM system to track client contacts, notes and history
  • Calculates pricing of an order on the fly
  • Makes recommendations based on purchase history
  • Accesses info on a mobile device- anytime, anywhere.

Katelyn in Order Processing

  • Streamlines the order entry process
  • Can use data integration to eliminate manual entry
  • Views customer item history
  • Sees inventory availability/backorder
  • Tracks special orders of non inventory items
  • Uses SOP to POP linking
  • Manages logistics

Chuck in Receiving:

  • Uses barcode scanning/automate data collection
  • Manages lot/serial number/equipment tracking
  • Processes shipping
  • Offers EDI to larger clients
  • Communicates with 3PL warehouse
  • Uses drop ship management and container management

Amy in Customer Service

  • Manages returns and backorders
  • Sees order history and order status
  • Calculates shipping costs/dates
  • Views complete visibility of order from quote to invoice to return.

Cindy in Finance

  • Streamlines her invoicing process
  • Manages collections
  • Runs financial reports
  • Generates payroll

John in Management

  • Analyzes the cost of inventory
  • Views profitability of orders/clients
  • Accesses real time reporting
  • Manages workflow
  • Shares sales analysis

Rob in IT

  • Trusts the SQL database
  • Saves time with the easy configuration and personalization features
  • Appreciates the quick installation process

Everyone in your distribution business gets value from a new Microsoft Dynamics GP system. Isn’t it time to make everyone happy?

Hear directly from some of our happy Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution customers in these short videos:

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If you are researching new accounting software or evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP contact CAL Business Solutions. 860-485-0910 x4 or sales@calszone.com

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP partner, www.calszone.com/distribution



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