The Right Time to Ascend into the Cloud

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Cloud computing has become extremely popular in both consumer and enterprise markets. While you likely already use the cloud in some private form, you might be reluctant to move your business into the cloud. If you have not already, now might be a good time to ponder over some of the benefits of moving your ERP and other business applications into the cloud.

How can the cloud help you?

  • 93 percent of businesses increase their productivity outside of the office with cloud ERP. Professionals are more mobile than ever and having access to business applications from the cloud means they can stay connected and be more productive on the road, in the air and even at home.
  • 57 percent gained a competitive edge by using cloud computing. With lower costs, more efficient maintenance, better accessibility and high availability, the cloud can give you a decisive advantage over your competitors.
  • 60 percent were able to free up IT resources for other endeavors. Use your local computing power for research and development or whatever you can to help you grow your business.

Cloud service providers specialize in the services they provide, offering superior infrastructure and resources to their customers. In order to stay competitive, they also look to provide features businesses want. Businesses expect to be able to purchase a wide variety of services from a single vendor, establish a trusting relationship with their cloud provider, and expect the flexibility to move to and from the cloud, if and when needed.

Organizations that implement Microsoft Dynamics on Azure and Office 365 automate their business processes, collaborate in real time, simplify their experience with single login entry, expand their businesses without increasing workforce and bring  email, calendars and other files together with business reports and data management software. Get started today and learn how Microsoft Dynamics in the cloud can simplify your business, help it grow and increase productivity.

For more stats and to help you decide if it’s the right time to ascend to the cloud, check out this great infographic.

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By Socius, an Ohio Cloud ERP Partner

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