Microsoft Dynamics GP Goes Toe-to-Toe with NetSuite…and Wins! – Part 1

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We have all heard the talk from NetSuite. We have heard about their integrated cloud ERP solution. We have heard about how all of their functionality is encompassed in a single system. However, when you look past the basic features and focus in a little closer, you realize that there really isn’t much depth to their product.

In fact, NetSuite’s “single” solution is actually made up of products from several different vendors including Oracle and Google. Funny how a single cloud solution requires so many outside vendors to make it work. Now let’s look at Microsoft Dynamics GP. Microsoft Dynamics GP has a host of integrated solutions with deep functionality including:
- Microsoft Dynamics CRM
- Microsoft Office 365
- Microsoft SharePoint

How about that? All that functionality from a single technology provider. In addition, Microsoft has an extensive partner community with solutions made specifically for Dynamics ERP solutions.

Now let’s talk about deployment options. NetSuite does offer a cloud solution to their clients. However, if you dig a bit deeper you will find that NetSuite offers only one deployment option: hosted in the cloud by NetSuite. Don’t want your ERP hosted in the cloud? Sorry. Want to host it with your own cloud provider? Too bad.

What about Microsoft Dynamics GP? Microsoft Dynamics GP offers several different deployment options including:
- On-premise
- Cloud (hosted by Microsoft on Azure)
- Cloud (hosted by certified Microsoft hosting partner)

You have the power of choice so you and only you decide how your ERP system is deployed. Purchasing and implementing a new ERP system is a major project. You should certainly perform your due diligence and evaluate all the options available to you. But make sure to ask the right questions and the tough questions of all your potential vendors. If you do that, you’ll see why a Microsoft Dynamics GP solution not only competes with NetSuite, but beats them more often than NetSuite would like to admit.

In part 2 of this blog, we will look in greater detail at many of the areas above as well as how these two products compare from an affordability and vendor stability perspective.

To learn more about how a comprehensive, integrated Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution can get you on the road to success, contact BroadPoint, one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics partners in the Mid-Atlantic.

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3 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics GP Goes Toe-to-Toe with NetSuite…and Wins! – Part 1”

  1. NetSuite is a cloud based software. it's huge demand was in retail and ecommerce companies . It's successful for backend business owner which can manage their entire business. easily .Thanks for sharing your blog

  2. NetSuite makes me nervous too with their SaaS-only deployment option.

    If you are a small company that wants to offload EVERYTHING to your ERP provider, then NetSuite might make sense, but many medium size businesses want to get under the hood and control their ERP product in ways that NetSuite doesn't allow.

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