Do You Know Where Your Fixed Assets Are?

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Keeping track of fixed assets, such as computers, tools and equipment is important for many financial reasons.  You need to declare certain assets on tax reports, make sure you have the tools that your employees need, and prepare budgets for the assets you may need to fix, replace or purchase in the future.  You certainly don’t need to waste money by buying items that you already have, which is yet another reason for gaining greater control and insight over your assets with the PanatrackerGP Fixed Asset solution.

When your office is small and you have a relatively small amount of equipment and other assets, tracking them with a spreadsheet may suffice for a short time.  However, as your business grows and expands, manually tracking assets by checking and recording serial numbers, physical attributes and asset locations on a spreadsheet can become time-consuming.  There is a more efficient and accurate way to monitor your assets and it starts with a barcode.

The PanatrackerGP Fixed Asset solution is a powerful extension of the Microsoft Dynamics® GP Fixed Asset module. One of the biggest advantages to this affordable, add-on solution is the ability to maintain asset records in a single database source, eliminating the use of inaccurate and inefficient spreadsheets. A barcode tag is physically adhered to the assets that you want to physically track.  The barcode tag represents the specific asset record that corresponds to the details about the item’s physical attributes and location. That same asset record in Microsoft Dynamics GP also tracks the asset’s financial-related data.  If you already use the Fixed Asset module in Dynamics GP, the asset tag can be easily associated with those existing records.

Do you add new assets regularly?  The PanatrackerGP solution provides the ability to tag new assets and record basic attributes for those assets quickly and easily.  If you use purchase orders in Microsoft Dynamics GP to purchase assets, Panatracker will record the receiving transaction in addition to the asset record to streamline your process even further.  Update asset records as the item’s location, custodian, or other user-defined variables change.  You can also complete a physical inventory and validate asset locations, and master asset or custodian assignments. .  During this process, should an asset be found in a different location from the previously recorded location, users have an option to update the asset record or record a ‘found out of place’ exception. Every add, update and validate activity is logged in detail within the Panatracker transaction logging database providing a detailed, accurate audit history.  Monitoring assets plays an important role in showing fiscal responsibility for many businesses, including healthcare facilities and governmental offices.  You don’t need to waste valuable time tracking assets when you have the support of a powerful solution like PanatrackerGP Fixed Asset solution.  Contact Panatrack to learn more about the Inventory & Asset Tracking solutions for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

By Panatrack, a Wisconsin Microsoft Partner & ISV

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