[Webinar] Electronic Document Delivery with Zetadocs for Dynamics NAV

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Electronic Document Delivery, called Zetadocs from Equisys, is now included in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Express Edition on Business Ready Enhancement Plans). Zetadocs document management and delivery solutions will enable you to send, receive, store, retrieve, and share ERP business documents with just a few clicks of a mouse and without the expense of printing documents.  Furthermore, your company can scan, index and store inbound and outbound documents, and link them  to provide significant improvements in productivity and customer service.

Document management and delivery of ERP documents by email or fax could save your business a small fortune per year by reEquisisy Web Imageducing paper consumption, postage costs and storage. You will be able to operate more effectively by enhancing productivity, improving cash flow, and enhancing customer service. Companies are usually able to obtain a return on investment in a few months, although some customers have received a return on investment in just a few days.

This presentation by Equisys will focus on how you can eliminate your paper-based business processed and achieve greater customer service through Zetadocs’s electronic document delivery capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Zetadocs helps reduce cumbersome, paper-based activities such as invoicing and delivery tracking through:

  • Secure online storage of emails, files and scanned document in NAV
  • Email delivery of reports such as orders, invoices, and automatically saving copies for instant retrieval
  • On screen document approval with integrated management of simple SharePoint workflow
  • Zetadcos Payables Approvals with Zetadocs Capture enables a faster process that is both time and cost efficient
  • Plus, we will highlight some of the advanced features offered in Zetadocs Essentials and Plus editions along with Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015
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Title:  Electronic Document Delivery with Zetadocs for Dynamics NAV

Date:  Wednesday, December 17th Time:  2:00 PM - 2:30 PM EST


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