Do you need to buy Microsoft Dynamics GP Integration Manager after 280 days?

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Integration Manager is a tool used to import data into Microsoft Dynamics GP. New Microsoft Dynamics GP customers have access to a limited time conversion license for free for 280 days after your purchase date. This is more than enough time to complete the initial system implementation. If Integration Manager is needed on a permanent basis it can be purchased as part of the “Customization Pack” for $6,000 (plus annual maintenance fee). (See Microsoft Dynamics GP price list).

How is Integration Manager used during the initial installation period?

If you are upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP from QuickBooks or another system that you will not be using going forward, then the limited time conversion license is perfect. While your system is implemented and data is converted your partner can use Integration Manager to get your historical data into Dynamics GP without the need to buy any additional licenses.  Once the data is converted, most companies do not need to use Integration Manager again.

When would companies need to purchase Integration Manager for ongoing use?

If your company continues to enter data into a separate software system but you want that information to also appear in Microsoft Dynamics GP, then you could purchase and continue to use Integration Manager.

We also have the ability to import the data with other tools or to write a custom program that imports the data using eConnect or Web Services. We can help you compare the price of these options versus the cost of Integration Manager.

You can export data from the original source system then import the data into Dynamics GP using Integration Manager. This can be set up to be done as an ongoing task.  There are ways to automate the process, but most of our clients will just run Integration Manager as one of their scheduled tasks either daily, weekly, monthly or whenever it is necessary.

A common example of this would be Payroll. If you are using your own time clock software that is keeping track of your hours, Integration Manager can take those hours and create the transactions inside of Dynamics GP so that the entry does not have to be made twice.

Another example would be companies who have a proprietary system for entering purchase orders when they need to buy more materials. Using Integration Manager you can get the transaction information from the other system and bring the purchase orders directly into Dynamics GP.

A third example would be a staffing company using Microsoft Dynamics GP as the core financial system and an industry leading front office package such as eRecruit. Your data can be shared by both systems using Integration Manager.

Are you wasting time with double data entry?

When you start using Microsoft Dynamics GP it is likely that it can replace your multiple, disconnected systems. But there are cases when you might choose to keep other applications, and use Dynamics GP for financials.  In this case, Integration Manager would help you eliminate the wasted time and error caused by double entry.

If you would like more information about integrating Microsoft Dynamic GP with other systems contact CAL Business Solutions at 860-485-0910 x4 or

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