Finding the Right Cloud Software for Your ERP System

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Wondering how a Cloud based software solution might integrate with your financial ERP software?

In recent years, the number of Cloud SaaS (software as a service) solutions has accelerated because of the advantages that the Cloud has to offer. While modern companies are interested in Cloud software for automating their accounts payable processes, they are also seeking a flexible solution that can work well with the systems (either in the Cloud or On Premise) already in place.

Cloud providers of payroll, human resources, purchase-to-pay or travel and expense reporting software recognize that certain businesses with industry-specific rules or integration requirements for legacy systems must carefully consider all deployment options. When software providers offer your company the choice to deploy in the Cloud or On Premise—what we call a Cloud now or Cloud later strategy, you gain the operational flexibility and scalability to prepare for growth and/or change in your organization.

If you’re evaluating Cloud software providers, we’d like to share with you some common questions that come up during the process, as well as our responses:

Question 1: Is there a strategy for integrating the Cloud software with multiple ERP solutions?

Since your company has already invested in a financial ERP system, you really want to make sure that whatever business software you select speaks directly to this system. This is where knowing a software vendor’s ERP integration strategy comes into play. At Ariett, we’ve made integration a top priority for Ariett Cloud Purchase & Expense, offering integration with Microsoft Dynamics and Intacct, a leading provider of Cloud financial management software. For companies who already use a Cloud software integration platform, such as Boomi or SnapLogic, we can easily work with these systems as well.

Question 2: What methods are used for integration and do any of these methods include hidden costs in terms of dollars and time?

When you weigh the different Cloud software options out there, you’ll want to figure out whether these providers have the right method for connecting to your financial system. Ariett offers a variety of integration options—read and write JSON web service, APIs and Accounting Extract Files. With a single click, Ariett creates AP Invoices in your Dynamics GP or Intacct system and easily imports your vendor and general ledger information.

How about if your company doesn’t use Intacct or Dynamics GP? No problem—with Ariett’s flexible architecture, we are adding new integrations with XML or JSON web services all the time. Across the board, Ariett’s integrations are easy and eliminate the need for costly third party software vendors to manage your integration.

Question 3: How easy is it to start out On Premise and migrate to the Cloud later on?

While many organizations might ultimately move to the Cloud as they expand geographically and in size, they might chose an On Premise deployment for now—and that’s ok with us. Since Ariett Cloud and On Premise Software is built with a single code base, it allows customers to move from On Premise to the Cloud (and vice versa) without a hitch. When transferring all of your history and current data from Ariett On Premise to Ariett in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, don’t worry about the process taking weeks or months—you’ll be finished within a few hours. By pursuing a Cloud now or Cloud later strategy, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to providing Ariett customers with the maximum amount of flexibility and choice.

Interested in learning more about Cloud and On Premise Editions of Ariett Purchase & Expense? Join one of our upcoming live product demonstrations on Ariett’s Modern AP Invoice Automation and Travel & Expense Management designed for the future of your business.  Click here to register for a live demo.

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