Why Distribution Companies Should Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP vs Industry Specific Software

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In many cases software that is built for the distribution industry is strong in industry features but the financial features are weak, or not included. Dynamics GP is first and foremost a rock solid financial system including full financial reporting and business intelligence. It runs on a stable SQL database, it is easy to install and it can be used “out of the box”. And best of all, it is affordable for most small and midsized companies.

But Dynamics GP offers so much more than financials for a distribution company. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a fantastic core system for finance plus sales order processing, inventory control and purchasing.

Download: 10 Questions Every Distribution Company Needs to Ask Before Buying Accounting Software.

And then there are hundreds of add on tools for the distribution industry to help you accomplish all your distribution needs, without sacrificing the core financial features. With Dynamics GP for distribution you always have the power a choice.

For example, other accounting software packages might give you one or two options for EDI or just the one that is already built in. But Dynamics GP gives you 14 or 15 EDI different options. You don’t have to adapt to use what you get, you can choose exactly what you really want.

There are more tools for:

  • 3PL integration
  • E-commerce
  • EDI
  • Barcoding
  • Lot/Serial Tracking
  • Container Management
  • Integrated Carrier Shipping
  • Inventory Planning
  • Bill of Materials
  • Warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • And more.

These add-on tools are built specifically to work with Dynamics GP and are often so seamless that you don’t even realize it is not the core system. Think of it like a smartphone with apps. You have the core engine to make it run, and the add on apps to give you exactly what you want.

Every software vendor will indicate that they have access to add-on tools (called third-party or ISV solutions) but I'd go as far as to say that there's probably no other product besides Dynamics GP that has so many add-on products which would allow you to grow in any direction you distribution might take you.  Even among the four Microsoft Dynamics ERP products, Microsoft Dynamics GP has the most add-on tools.

Over 44,000 Dynamics GP customers in North America demand flexibility and options. Microsoft has the resources to provide that. You can choose one that fits your needs and your budget.

Then you need to choose the right partner to implement Dynamics GP for your distribution business.

Why Choose CAL Business Solutions to provide Dynamics GP for Distribution?

Nearly every Dynamics GP partner will say they can do distribution, because the software itself is suited for this industry. But you need to look at their customer list. CAL Business Solutions now has more than 75 distribution companies running Microsoft Dynamics GP. We can take best practices from each of those projects and industries and use them for you.

Other Dynamics GP partner might say they have people on their team that know the distribution industry. But dig a little deeper. At CAL Business Solutions we have team members who have the lived the distribution process, running their own distribution companies from the ground up. It is not just theory and not just related to software. It is real life experience. We understand distribution from the inside out and have a dedicated team working with our distribution clients.

Listen to what a few of our distribution clients have to say in these :

Watch more Dynamics GP for Distribution client video testimonials.

If you are a distribution company researching new accounting software or evaluating Microsoft Dynamics for Distribution contact CAL Business Solutions – 860-485-0910x4 or sales@calszone.com.  In a no-pressure, 30 minute Discovery Call we can ask the right questions to evaluate your business processes and distribution goals and help you honestly determine if Dynamics GP could be a fit. Then provide guidelines on pricing and timelines. Followed by a personalized demo. Schedule a Dynamics GP Discovery Call.

Not ready for a Discovery call yet? Start by requesting an automated Dynamics GP Quick Quote to get budgetary pricing including software licenses, annual maintenance and implementation services at www.calszone.com/quick-quote.

Learn more at www.calszone.com/distribution.

By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics Partner for Distribution, www.calszone.com

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