5 Ways Distributors Can Please Impatient Customers Using Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Let’s face it, today’s customers are just plain impatient. We want information and products quicker, faster, NOW! And today’s distributors have no choice but to rise to the challenge, because customer satisfaction is key to your success no matter what you sell. With access to thousands of vendors, a variety of price points and online reviews, customers have higher expectations for their purchasing experience than ever before. Old-fashioned software systems simply don’t provide the modern capabilities needed to meet and surpass the expectations of impatient customers. Here are 5 tips from the white paper, “10 Questions Every Distribution Company Needs to Ask Before Buying Accounting Software” to show how Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution will empower your team to satisfy even the most impatient customers.

 1)  Never Put Customers On Hold To Find Answers   

Get the answer: Will we have access to centralized order and customer information?

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution allows employees to rapidly access key data in a few simple clicks, on a single screen. And everyone your team can track an order through every step in the process, so no matter who your impatient customer talks to, they will get their answers quickly.

Sales representatives must be prepared to answer just about any inquiry a customer may have. Often times, a customer will ask a variety of questions from available discounts to shipping rates. To answer quickly, sales representatives must have access to pertinent information and data at their fingertips. Heaven forbid the impatient customer gets put on hold!

2)  Empower Reps To Make Pricing Decisions 

The accounting software also cuts down on time-loss. Instead of consulting with a manager about associated margins, your sales representative will have insight regarding discounts or line item margins so that they may make a sale as quickly as possible. Think of how many more sales could be closed by merely skipping the step of consulting a sales manager and relying on centralized data instead. Impatient customers don’t want to be transferred to someone else to make a decision.

Get the answer: Will we have insight into pricing and margins at the line item level?

3)  Negotiate Using Complete Margin Information 

Imagine that your employees will be able to offer applicable pricing scenarios to the appropriate customers. Instead of keeping prices static, you can use the associated margins to your advantage. Sales representatives can negotiate deals for the highest profit balances and most satisfied customers. And they can even do it from a mobile device – so they can answer the impatient customer anytime, anywhere. This capability provided by Microsoft Dynamics GP puts distributors ahead of the competition.

Get the answer: Will the sales team have access to customer and sales information on their mobile device?

 4)  Access Current Inventory Status and Options 

Likewise, employees can check inventory status during the order entry process. If an item is found to be out of stock, this matter can be easily communicated to the customer. Agents may decide to create an order request, request drop shipment or suggest an alternative product when necessary. Impatient customers appreciate having a variety of choices from which to select.

Get the answer: Can we check inventory status during the order entry process?

5) Send Proactive Automated Customer Notifications 

No matter how efficient your business is, unexpected things happen. Stay a step of ahead with automated customer notifications. These notifications will advise your customers about backorders and delays. Being honest with customers about hiccups in the delivery process prevents big misunderstanding. These notifications can also be used to send out order verifications, shipment information and expected delivery times. This type of communication helps you and your customers avoid situations that waste time and money. Impatient customers love this type of proactive communication.

Get the answer: Can we automate all customer notifications?

Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution

Too many businesses lose customers through lack of information, delays and subsequent poor reviews. In a day when every customer’s experience can be documented online, make sure your business is creating meaningful customer relationships. Microsoft Dynamics GP enhances the overall experience by allowing for easy information sharing and transparency.

Make your impatient customers happy and they’ll return again and again.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP for Distribution you will be up to the challenge and exceed their expectations.

For more great tips for distribution companies download their whitepaper, “10 Questions Every Distribution Company Needs to Ask Before Buying Accounting Software” at www.calszone.com/10questions.

If you are a distribution company evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP contact CAL Business Solutions at 860-485-0910 x4 or sales@calszone.com.

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