New User Interface Enhancements in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015

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Microsoft Dynamics SL 2015 is now available, and we've been going over the new features. Today we'll take a look at the new user interface enhancements. These include role-based home pages, recent history and search functionality, support for multiple entities and multiple simultaneous logins, and collaboration features that simplify sharing and analysis.

The "Role Center" is where users have easy access to information and tools that are specific to their roles in the organization. Here they'll find graphical reminders of looming due dates and pending approvals. Clicking an item opens a "Quick List" on the right that provides more details.

The new history feature shows recently viewed screens and reports, much like the history function of an internet browser. Click a listed item to open it. If the screen or report you're looking for is not listed, you can simply type what you're looking for in the Search box. Type in just a few pertinent letters to start getting results, and you can click on the screen or report you're looking for to open it.

A new multiple companies feature accounts for operations in multiple entities. It can accommodate just 2, or up to hundreds of different entities. To change companies, just click the company button and select a company from the list. If there are many companies, you can use the Search feature to find the one you want. A new multiple login feature enables users to stay logged in to different entities while working on different screens, reducing the amount of repetitive logins that need to be entered.

A new Print Screen feature enables users to take a snapshot of the current screen, which can then be easily shared with others. And a new Export to Excel function enables users to copy data from a grid to a Microsoft Office Excel document with just one click for review and analysis.

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