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You probably learned about the Industrial Revolution back when you were in high school. My guess is that you weren’t enthralled. It was history. Kind of dry. Basically old news. Well, let me clue you in. If you could understand the impact of the Industrial Revolution, then you’d be able to relate to the impact of the ERP Cloud Revolution that’s occurring right now, in the 21st century, in the US of A.

Basically, the Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes. It occurred a long, time ago from about 1760 to about 1840. Yes, it took a while for manufacturers to move from hand production to machine production. But the impact was profound. It was a turning point in history, one that influenced almost every aspect of daily life. And while there is some debate as to whether this revolution actually improved working conditions or increased the standard of living, one thing we know for sure is this: Companies that did not embrace the Industrial Revolution were unable to compete. And you know what that means.

Fast forward to the 21st century and a very current, very real revolution that’s going to impact your business, if it hasn’t already. It’s the Cloud Revolution. Companies that are moving their business management software systems to the cloud are realizing greater efficiencies, lower operating costs, increased reliability and security, and the ability to get up and running in a heartbeat.

Does this mean doom for companies that don’t jump on the bandwagon? At some point, yes. I’m not saying that point is today or tomorrow. But it’s not going to take 80 years. Think about getting rid of that server room and letting your cloud provider worry about temperature control and disaster recovery. Think about the innovative projects your IT team could be working on if they weren’t bogged down uploading patches to outdated software. Think about all the headaches you’d be offloading.

The manufacturing sector is already feeling the “good vibrations.” Hundreds of U.S. manufacturers that had been offshoring are reshoring. What was cheaper in Asia is now competitive on American soil as manufacturers move their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software into the cloud while bringing jobs back home. It’s a win-win-win-win…I’ve lost count of how many wins that translates into. Profitability. Job growth. Economic growth. Local control. Decreased risk.

Now that Microsoft has entered the cloud business in a big way, now that Microsoft Dynamics GP is available in the cloud, you have an opportunity to rethink your 20th century software system. You have an opportunity to join the Cloud Revolution.

There’s a lot more to be said for cloud computing, but instead of me rambling on, you can explore the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud by reaching out to Altico Advisors. Here’s how. Call us at 508-485-5588. Visit us at Or contact us online at

by Marcia Nita Doron at Altico Advisors, a Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM Partner serving New Hampshire (NH) and beyond.

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