Better ERP Business Reporting with Dynamics NAV-Part 1

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a popular Enterprise Resource Planning system to help your business streamline business departments and also provide rich, easy to use reporting. In this first of three series of articles, we will focus on different areas that Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help with better business reporting starting with information capabilities inside this ERP System.

To keep business on track, it’s essential to monitor current activity and compare it to historical performance and plans. The user needs easy access to specific data related to their task or role, the ability to perform repetitive business processes and have formatted grouped data – all as part of the standard application and setup.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP delivers monitoring capabilities to provide organizations with the comprehensive view of the information they need through Microsoft SQL and native reporting options.

Document Reports and Standard Reports

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can monitor the state of the business in both generic and predefined ways within the application.

Data Lists provides the end user with the ability to make targeted data overviews through filterable lists of business data. Each list can be customized to the individual depending on roles and needs.

Document reports enable a precision layout of data with emphasis on presentation of data as well as distribution. Take advantage of the power of Microsoft Office Word and PDF to quickly create well-designed invoices and other customer and partner-facing documents that draw information directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and email them with personalized messages.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV also provides a set of predefined reports supporting all business processes within your organization. This gives the user a consistent overview of the business.

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Reports

In addition to the traditional reporting available within Microsoft Dynamics NAV "Navision",  it is possible to integrate to Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to support needs for interactive, Web-based reports.

Direct access to Microsoft SQL Server enables efficient and powerful reporting. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services is a comprehensive, server-based solution that enables the creation, management, and delivery of both traditional, paper-oriented reports and interactive, Web-based reports. Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services supports the full reporting lifecycle, including report authoring, management, delivery, and security.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 now leverages Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 Report Builder 3.0. The Report Builder is a report authoring tool that features a Microsoft Office-like authoring environment. New features such as new sparkline, data bar, and indicator data visualizations, the ability to save report items as report parts, a wizard for creating maps, aggregates of aggregates, and enhanced support for expressions are all part of the tool for creating and customizing reports.

Learn more about better business reporting with Microsoft Dynamics NAV here.

by iCepts Technology Group Inc-A Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP Partner in Pennsylvania

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