Un-Tether Warehouse Employees From The Computer

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Warehouse workers often need to be close to a computer to update inventory, pick-pack-and-ship, or access other customer data as items are moved around the warehouse and sent to customers. Productivity can suffer and data can be delayed as employees travel about the warehouse and docks or between buildings.  Give warehouse processes a boost by adding wireless technology and mobile solutions to your warehouse management system.

Productivity quickly wanes as warehouse employees walk back and forth between their position on the floor and their computer station. In addition, if your warehouse has cold storage, outdoor areas, or vast shipping and receiving areas where computers can’t be easily placed, there could be an even longer walk between a work station and a computer.  Your warehouse team doesn’t always have to be in arm’s reach of a computer when you implement a wireless warehouse technology.

This is the age of mobility and your employees are likely very comfortable using smartphones, tablets, and similar mobile devices. Arm them with durable handheld computers with integrated scanners and watch them perform their tasks with greater productivity and efficiency.  Handheld devices can transmit data from the warehouse into your warehouse management solutions quickly and wirelessly.  Employees can walk between buildings, between indoor and outdoor storage areas, cold storage, and through vast warehouses and still have the ability to enter and access data in real-time.

In addition to arming your warehouse team with wireless technology, you can also arm your field services and sales teams with mobile technology.  Field services teams can update inventory records as they use items at a jobsite.  Sales teams can sell items to customers while they are at customer's location or attending conferences or networking events.  With these mobile solutions, you can monitor inventory and sales data in real time, regardless of where your employees may be working – onsite or offsite.

Computers don’t always provide the productivity that they are expected to provide and there are certain places that computers simply can’t be installed. Contact Panatrack Inventory & Asset Tracking for more information about the wireless and mobile technology that can un-tether your employees from their computers.

By Panatrack, a Microsoft ISV in Wisconsin for Inventory Control & Asset Tracking

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