Why Microsoft Azure Delivers Perfect Cloud Security for ERP

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Microsoft has embraced an Azure Cloud strategy for their ERP software, first with Dynamics GP and Dynamics NAV in 2013, and then with Dynamics AX in 2014. A recent Microsoft post caught our eye by including Ariett Purchase & Expense software in their discussion of SaaS apps that use Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). As the Cloud option gains popularity, it is important to have robust security in place to manage your employees and, when it comes to security, Ariett’s support for Azure AD fits the bill perfectly (download Microsoft’s Case Study on Ariett).

Azure AD: A Passport to All Your Applications

Azure AD is your employees’ passport to all AD enabled Microsoft ERP and SaaS applications, including Office 365 and Ariett Purchase & Expense—software for Purchasing, AP Invoice Automation and Travel & Expense Management. When employees log in to Ariett using Azure AD authentication, if they are already authenticated, Ariett will receive the token and know their identity. If users have not authenticated against Azure AD, they only have to enter a single username and password to access Ariett and other Azure AD Cloud applications. Instead of wasting time trying to remember passwords and navigating a maze of entry points for different applications, employees can stay focused on what counts: the amazing work that they do every day.

A Security System That IT Administrators Love

While integrating Azure AD with Cloud applications simplifies the end-user experience, it also streamlines log-in security for IT administrators. If companies already have On Premise AD, they can just use Microsoft’s synchronization tool, Azure Active Directory Sync tool (Dir Sync), to port the On Premise directory to the Cloud. Rather than racing to set up, reset or disable multiple employee passwords for multiple applications, IT can manage passwords from either On Premise AD or Azure AD’s centralized portal. If employees happen to forget their password, they can simply reset it without getting IT involved. From the Azure AD portal, IT administrators can view, add or disable applications, such as Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft CRM. With business technology becoming ever more complex and changing at a rapid rate, Azure AD still manages to keep it simple for IT departments.

Azure AD: One of Many Benefits of the Azure Cloud

Azure AD is just one of the many benefits that Ariett Purchase & Expense and Microsoft Cloud customers receive by using the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Known for its reliability and scalability, Microsoft Azure is perfect for complex, international corporations that need data to be easily accessible from multiple locations. Azure’s data centers located around the globe ensure that companies’ data is replicated and safely stored so that financial data can be accessed at any time. Because of the Azure platform’s elastic nature, it is easy for growing companies to add applications and users without having to invest in On Premise infrastructure, which can be costly and time-consuming to configure and maintain.

If you’re evaluating Microsoft Cloud software or other SaaS accounts payable applications, then you might be interested in learning more about the benefits of the Microsoft Azure platform and Azure AD. Launch your investigation today by downloading Microsoft’s ISV Case Study on Ariett, and learn why Ariett Purchase & Expense, seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, moved quickly to support Azure AD.

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