Is the Cloud Right for Your Microsoft Dynamics?

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Skim through the latest news, and it seems like cloud computing is on the mind of almost every business leader. Blog posts abound on the cost savings, on-demand access and increased IT security the cloud offers, but how do you know if cloud computing is right for your Microsoft Dynamics?


Cloud computing can be a problem solver for small and big businesses alike, but the challenges facing small business IT are unique. If your business is experiencing any of these problems, then moving your Microsoft Dynamics to the cloud could be right for your business:


Problem: You have outdated or aging equipment you’ll need to replace soon.

Aging IT equipment can lead to unexpected outages. While replacing outdated machines is costly, the price of lost business or data in the event of equipment failure can be staggering. Moving your business to the cloud can help you eliminate these costs—with the cloud, there is no need to sink valuable resources into hardware investments in your office, because your Dynamics will be delivered to you via the internet. Your cloud partner will provide updates to your software and hardware that are often included in your monthly costs.


Problem: You need to scale your solutions for fluctuations in business.

Scalable solutions, like those available with the cloud, are ideal for businesses that tend to see fluctuations in activity throughout the year. Businesses that have variances in business volume typically purchase technology solutions and user licenses that match their greatest needs, but that means the business will have to pay more than is necessary during slower periods. Cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics are more flexible, and cloud hosting providers can scale networks and user numbers up or down based on the current needs of the business, thus sparing your business the additional costs of paying for peak usage year round.


Problem: Your backup systems aren’t reliable.

Reliable backup systems are crucial as businesses continue to store critical data on computers and servers. Without a reliable backup system, important data can be lost forever in just a matter of irretrievable minutes. Many businesses, especially smaller ones, rely on thumb drives and external hard drives that require manual backup. The most secure backup your system can have is cloud-based automatic backup to a remote server. If your business is in need of a reliable backup system, the cloud is a good fit for you.


Problem: Your employees often work from the road or from their homes.

Lots of business startups launch in a virtual office, where employees are collaborating online or in public spaces. If your business has a virtual office, the cloud can provide off-site access to your Microsoft Dynamics, information and inter-office collaboration tools from your employee’s laptops, tablets or mobile devices.


Problem: Your business is growing—fast.

Because it’s easy to add users and infrastructure with cloud solutions, moving your Dynamics to the cloud is a great fit if your business expects to grow more than 10 percent in the next year. If that growth means your business is opening up new locations, the cloud can save you even more money—you can easily set up new users for your new office without purchasing new hardware or software, and your new location will be automatically connected to your existing locations.


Problem: Your company is just getting started.

Cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics are a great fit for young companies, as they eliminate the need to buy infrastructure or software. With the cloud, you can provision the servers your business needs and have them available via a secure internet location, all without investing large sums of cash into building an internal IT infrastructure.


Problem: Your business has regulatory compliance demands.

Despite rumors that the cloud isn’t secure, moving your Microsoft Dynamics to the cloud can actually help your business meet regulatory compliance demands. If your business answers to FFIEC, GLBA, HIPAA, SEC, PCI or other acronyms, a secure data center and private cloud can help your business pass audits, inspections and checkpoints.


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