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Have you ever discussed ways to reduce paper and duplicate data entry to improve GP Manufacturing? Are you utilizing GP Manufacturing to its fully automated potential?

Appolis Inc., in a recent joint press release announced its partnership with WilloWare Inc. to help Clients fully automate GP Manufacturing. The opportunity has been to develop a paperless and mobile way to create Finished Goods (FG) against a Manufacturing Order (MO) that can decrement Raw Materials (RM) with on-the-fly automation of lot and serial tracking.

WilloWare, long the experts in Dexterity coding for a variety of GP applications, has recently refined its ability to automate the posting of receipts of FG’s and RM’s back to GP through its MO Generator table structures. Appolis, offering WithoutWire™ Warehouse, is a leader in Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) for Dynamics GP and discovered that a partnership with WilloWare provided the missing element to a tight integration with GP when it comes to posting MO Receipts and Parent-Child MO Receipts automatically, on-the-fly in real-time.


The Appolis/WilloWare GP Manufacturing Solution Workflow in summary:

  1. Create your Manufacturing Order (MO) in Dynamics GP
  2. Release MO to our WithoutWire Warehouse WMS system
  3. WithoutWire verifies that you have enough Raw Materials (RM) or initiates a Pick
  4. From the Wireless device in the palm of your hand: Create Finished Goods (FG) via a License Plate (LP) activation, Create a ‘material issue transaction’ or back-flush RM’s against the MO
  5. Write parent/child MO Receipts real-time back to GP via WilloWare
  6. Replenish RM’s JIT to Manufacturing
  7. Create more FG’s, back-flush RM’s and Put-away to picking or overstock locations
  8. Create Scrap at the end of the process
  9. Time/Date stamp of transactions, by user, accounts for the Labor
  10. Close out MO or leave it open until all production is accounted for
  11. Drive your Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  12. Achieve Full Traceability for Recall and Brand protection!

any device

Appolis WithoutWire™ and WilloWare MO Generator provide the ability to measure discrete or process manufacturing production in a timely and efficient manner. With Scrap and Labor tracking capability, a measurement of daily yield can be closely monitored. For the Finance Manager, automatic posting means efficiency in Dynamics GP lot and serial tracking administration. For the IT manager we can provide an on-premise or SaaS/Cloud implementation. For the Purchasing Manager, that is manufacturing automation that drives your Materials Requirements Planning (MRP). For the Production Supervisor, that is real-time paperless data for JIT supply of raw materials which drives efficiency, visibility … and timely decision making. For the Executives, this means Corporate Image and Brand protection with end-to-end Recall capabilities!

Everyone wins when a new to this world solution is brought to market in the most affordable fashion. And that is what compelled Appolis Inc. and WilloWare to make their latest announcement. To inquire about how you can realize GP Manufacturing to its fullest potential, please reach out to Appolis today! (612-343-0404 x109)

Steve Dwyer

Vice President

by Appolis Inc.

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