Longevity of Microsoft Dynamics GP

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A sign points to Home on the Range in Western North Dakota where Microsoft Dynamics GP has been used for 20 years.
A sign points to Home on the Range in Western North Dakota

Prior to implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP (at that time Great Plains Software) in the early 1990’s, Home on the Range, a ranch providing education, therapy, guidance and activities for teens in western North Dakota, completed all of their accounting functions by hand, including payroll, W-2’s, reporting and accounts payable. Diane, the ranch’s Business Administration Director, remembers the days prior to Dynamics GP all too well. “We used to tape together spreadsheets that would end up several feet long. The General Ledger was an actual book that we had to total out every month, which would take much longer than it takes now,” said Diane.

When accounting software started hitting the shelves, the team at Home on the Range spent hours researching each option and how it would fit their not-for-profit needs. While QuickBooks would cover their basic needs, they recognized that Microsoft Dynamics GP provided advanced functionality and modules that they could utilize to better run their business.

Twenty years after implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP (and over 30 years since starting at Home on the Range) Diane couldn’t be happier with their choice. She remembers a time when it would take two to three days to do payroll, which can now be completed in two to three hours. The other features she finds most valuable include:

-        The smoothness of Direct Deposit

-        Ability to drill down into details of each line item

-        Paperless options that have allowed them to cut down on file and storage space

-        Complete audit trail

“To me, the biggest benefit of Microsoft Dynamics GP is the historical records that we have. I’m able to go back and look through information from ten to fifteen years ago if I wanted to,” said Diane.

Although the number of employees at the ranch has doubled and their programs have changed and grown, Microsoft Dynamics GP has been able to easily handle their growth.

Diane and the team at Home on the Range attend quarterly user groups hosted by Stoneridge Software in order to stay up-to-date on any new versions and updated functionality included in the software. Their downtime is non-existent and they only need technical support when upgrading to newer versions.

At Home on the Range, Microsoft Dynamics GP has definitely stood the test of time.

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