Improving the Manufacturing Process with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Running lean and efficient is the key to competitiveness in manufacturing today. The primary concerns of modern manufacturing include plant operations, material expenses and how customers are serviced. Focus on these key elements should not be diminished because of concerns over gaining efficiencies from your business software. Microsoft Dynamics GP can really improve and manage these key elements by streamlining purchase processes, organizing supply chain processes to speed up warehouse operations and provide excellent inventory controls. An experienced ERP provider can implement these improvements by following a few straightforward steps.

  1. Operational Requirements Assessment - an important problem indicator is spending increased time and money producing data and reports from your current software system. Often the majority of a business budget is understandably allocated towards plant equipment; however, a proper Operational Assessment from an experienced certified Microsoft Partner will reveal that investing some of your capital on a new integrated software solution will invariably cut costs, provide greater back-office productivity, decrease inventory issues, and increase invoice deliveries. All of these improvements make for great ROI.
  2. Broad Scope Integration - A comprehensive connecting of job responsibilities throughout your organization will give you maximum control over your entire Supply Chain. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a single software solution that will eliminate repetitive monitoring procedures and enable employees to communicate from administration to factory operations, engineering, warehouse and distributing. Dynamics GP is not only designed to complete the circuit of communication for internal departments but will also improve communications between you and your customers. A good ERP provider and consultant will literally connect these dots for your organization and allow you real-time access to your data for better decision making.
  3. Identify Steps to Decrease Human Error - Often human error and complex processes which handle purchasing and fulfillment are the challenges that all companies face. Microsoft Dynamics GP allows accurate navigation between entering a purchase order, manufacturing and fulfilling orders and delivery of orders with just a few clicks of the mouse. Customer orders and order receipt acknowledgements become automated to eliminate errors and are invaluable tools to enhance the Customer Service experience. Distribution also benefits from computerized processes allowing for more accurate inventory handling, order filling, RMA processing, and stock purchasing.
  4. Increase your Inventory Insight - Whether you have one location or many, Microsoft Dynamics GP includes added inventory visibility and flexibility with improved pick list features for orders. Inventory controls, distribution enhancements, and process automation for manufacturers are some of the most important assessments for an ERP provider to identify. Microsoft Dynamics GP is extremely customizable and will adapt to specific inventory needs and processes - bar coding, reordering, formula processing, shipping, receiving, etc become available with correctly added programs.
  5. Implement Compliance Improvement - utilize Dynamics GP with Vicinity Manufacturing software to make your compliance documents like MSDS and COA database driven. Management and creation of these required documents are an integral part of these software solutions. These features are specifically designed to address the industry requirements of process manufacturers such as: food, chemical, cosmetic and paint - just to name a few.

These critical steps should be addressed as part of any successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP. The customizable and familiar look of Dynamics GP will allow employees to better serve customers, improving information accuracy and increasing productivity across the board. All of this, simply stated, increases profits.

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