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Dynamics GP and CRM are the two most common Dynamics products in the U.S. which are sold together and set up in the same environment. Yet, most of the time, the discussion on the integration between these two systems is scheduled for a later time or in later phases of the project. It all depends on the requirements of the project. In my experience, having the integrations discussion early on resolves a lot of matters in terms of new processes and license costs. Any integration planned between these two systems requires planning and discussion between the different departments that plan on using it.

Depending on the use of each system's features and the integration between them, you can reduce your overall license costs. For instance, if order entry will be done only in Dynamics CRM then you won’t need licenses for the order entry users in Dynamics GP. If collection activities are shared by AR and Sales department then they can all just access CRM, and collection activities be recorded there rather than using the Collections Management module in GP. Since Dynamics CRM has many customization options an organization can have many more features built in CRM to offload some of the functions that were primarily restricted to the ERP, namely Dynamics GP. Therefore an integration warrants a broader discussion involving the different departments and your partner to decide which organizational functions are performed in Dynamics GP or CRM.

Another discussion during integration is the system of master records, in most cases I have seen that Dynamics GP is considered to be the system of master records and they are synced only one way to CRM. Product records in GP are considered the master record and all changes are made in GP and then just synced to CRM; no changes to the product records are allowed in CRM. In a case of customers, again GP is the master of records, but it’s a two-way sync between GP and CRM since these customer records can be created from CRM or GP. A lead in CRM is eventually converted to a customer and so the two-way integration between GP and CRM is set up for customer records.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t have it different for your environment, but since the integration capabilities between these two systems are so robust, an organization can have their setup completely different from the standard integration setup. The integration setup between these two systems can be referenced from the existing integration applications. Your requirements should not depend on the integration tool, though. First, come up with your requirements. Than, Focus on the integration tool. Microsoft provides a free Dynamics connector, which promises seamless integration between CRM and GP systems, there are also half a dozen integration applications in the market that provide integration between Dynamics GP and CRM.

In my next blog post, we will discuss the different integration tools and the technical details for setting up the integrations. Until then, check out more information pertaining to KTL Solutions and their vase knowledge on Microsoft GP and CRM.


Dave  DAVE VORA | Senior Business Software Consultant

Dave is responsible for leading KTL’s CRM consultants, assuring that our solution scoping, architecting and delivery meet and exceed   customer expectations. Dave has built lasting relationships with clients by understanding their business needs and providing value by leveraging their existing resources. Along with his consulting team, he has delivered effective solutions beyond traditional CRM constraints. Dave has more than eight years of experience in implementing business software for a variety of industries including service, government, distribution, not-for-profit and manufacturing.  He graduated with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Computer Science and also a specialization in Management from University of California at Irvine.  His experience includes helping companies embrace technology to fulfill their organizational needs and creating innovative solutions using CRM, GP, Scribe and other Microsoft products.

By Dave Vora, Senior Business Consultant, KTL Solutions

1 thought on “Demystify GP/CRM Integration”

  1. HI, The last two months have been frustrating. #1 RGA is keyed in CRM a master number is received and reads to GP as a sale. #2 CRM master is not found in orders due to it is adding a number up in the master
    #3 with this happening my open order report run from GP with masters is filled with RGA's that where keyed in CRM. HELP how do I get this fixed?

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