Contract Billing Management for Microsoft Dynamics - Explained in Two Minutes

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Do you need advanced subscription and recurring billing functionality?  What about functionality to handle fixed milestone payment and usage billing too?  How about all of these at once?

Tensoft recently announced the availability of its Contract Billing Management (CBM) solution, which is now being offered separately from its revenue recognition solution for Microsoft Dynamics.    Previously available only as part of a bundled solution,  Tensoft CBM ensures that all contracts events are billed and tracked by managing on-going change in your customer agreements.  It  supports subscription and recurring billing models, fixed milestone payment models, and usage billing models, in an unlimited number of combinations.

For a quick overview of Tensoft Contract Billing Management, click below for a two minute video:

If you have any questions about Tensoft CBM, or would like to discuss your specific contract billing needs, or schedule a product demo, please contact us any time!  We would be happy to help.

by Tensoft

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