BYOD And Flex Time – Nightmare Or Part Of Employee Retention?

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Millennials, those employees that are about 40 years old and younger, are showing an increased interest in using their own devices at work and want the flexibility to be able to work from where ever and whenever they choose.  Businesses can view these new interests as a nightmare or put policies in place in order to retain their top talent.

The availability of smart devices and mobile business management solutions makes it easier for employees to stay connected to the office and customers from anywhere and at any time.  According to “Infographic:  Millennials expect BYOD, crave work flexibility,” posted on, millennials show a preference for using their own smartphones and tablets to enter and access work-related data while at work or at home.  As discussed in the article, 70% of survey respondents indicated that their employees work an additional 20 hours each week after leaving the office.  While the extra work may be beneficial to the business, your IT and accounting departments could be cringing.  In order to protect proprietary and private customer data, your IT department may implement a “bring your own device” (BYOD) policy.  The policy can include security features to protect your data, their devices, and everyone’s privacy while enabling your employees to work on their own terms.

Working outside of the office may create additional challenges with managing payroll.  Field services, sales representatives, and other employees who work outside the office may work for different departments or customers.  Splitting their time and expenses across several cost centers can be a paperwork nightmare unless you have Employee Accounts and Splits.  You can set up posting accounts by employee position, department, or pay code and automatically divide employee costs accordingly.  If you have a similar situation for a group of employees, you can also automatically divide costs for that group.

BYOD and complicated payroll can either be a nightmare or a benefit for your employees, millennials and otherwise, and also for your business.  Contact Integrity Data for more information about deploying the solutions that can support your mobile workforce while protecting your business data and payroll activities.

By Integrity Data, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV developing enhancements for Payroll and HR

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