Update: Dexterity & Hosted TFS with Microsoft Dynamics

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I wrote a blog on December 30, 2013 called Dexterity & Hosted TFS with Microsoft Dynamics . . . and I finally have an update! 

Kevin Racer has shared with me that the long-awaited integration with TFS Online is in the internal testing phase and will be ready for Beta this July. I've volunteered Rockton Software to be a Beta sit. We've been waiting patiently for this, and it is a must-have for our development team. TFS Online is such a fantastic source control system, and it will be great to get our Dexterity code managed there, too.

by Mark Rockwell, President of Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Parter.

3 thoughts on “Update: Dexterity & Hosted TFS with Microsoft Dynamics”

  1. Mark,
    We've been on TFS for some time (since 2011) and our IT department is looking at upgrading our TFS Server to TFS 2015. In our current solution we have a Build Server machine where we've been able to automate the builds for the COM/Interop, Dexterity chunk file and Application.dll creation and the Addins that get kicked off from the TFS build agent and these all get built as 1 build sequence, no manual intervention and it drops the install package to the network for access to everyone.
    This solution was developed with VS2010 DSCCS with TFS. I have tested VS2010 with the TFS2015 and that works but if we are upgrading the servers then we are looking at upgrading all the software too. My testing with VS2012 and VS2013 is that when you do the Update All that you get returned an error list for every deleted resource in your project. This will break our automated build process. My question is have you seen this behavior and is there a work-around? Or do I just need to test with VS2015 and Dexterity? Is that even supported?

  2. Mark,

    Do you have any updates on this beta or a release for support for TFS online. I am working for a partner now, Arctic IT and we want to move off of VSS and go directly to TFS online.

    Shawn Hanson
    Arctic IT Consultant

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