Microsoft Dynamics GP for Nonprofits: Automating Purchase Transactions

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Nonprofits and associations face many challenges when processing purchase transactions. In addition to limited oversight, filling out multiple forms and data duplication, there is rarely any mobile processing capability. Many of our nonprofit clients are using Microsoft Dynamics GP to automate these purchase processes, thereby acceleration the requisition process and providing a cleaner, better audit trail for everyone to see.

A Microsoft Dynamics GP solution is accessible through the Internet and does not require any local workstation installation other than Internet Explorer. Users are designated with specific security settings based on their role, such as Requester, Approver or Finance user. The interface is very easy to understand, and allows the user to enter a new transaction or review an existing one.

When entering a new purchase record, there are different alert prompts that help make sure the purchase transaction is budgeted for. If the amount of a transaction exceeds the budget amount as defined in Dynamics GP, budget warnings are noted on the page to alert the user to the issue.

One of the significant challenges many nonprofits face is the ability to track various documents across the organization. The Dynamics GP solution allows relevant documents to be attached within the purchase transaction screens. This is extremely helpful to the approver or finance user in case they need to refer back to the originating documents. This also helps reduce the paper trail since no paper forms need to be filled out and transferred back and forth manually.

Once the user submits the requisition, workflow triggers an email to the manager indicating a purchase transaction requires attention. Once approved, the workflow will send a notification to the next approver or the Finance/AP resource. Once this request is approved by the Finance department, an email is generated to the requester informing them that the purchase request has been approved.

We recently created a brief video on how nonprofits can accelerate purchase requests and approvals while eliminating the paper trail and keeping all parties informed on their progress. Contact BroadPoint, one of the largest Microsoft Dynamics partners on the east coast serving associations and nonprofit organizations, at for more information on how we’re helping organizations better manage their finances.

by BroadPoint Technologies, LLC

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