eOne’s SmartList Builder squares off against Microsoft’s SmartList Designer

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SmartList Builder has had quite a year. On January 1st  everyone’s favorite Dynamics GP module become solely part of eOne’s repertoire of Smart Software products. Over 13,000 mid-market companies have chosen SmartList Builder as their tool of choice to create SmartLists with its power to link up to 32 tables from Dynamics GP, ISVs, Third Party apps or SQL tables in one super powerful reporting tool.

While its time as a Microsoft OEM partnership was a productive and pleasant experience, it is now squaring off against Microsoft with their new SmartList tool - SmartList Designer. This direct competition can barely be considered as such when you do the proper product comparison. eOne has made an awesome little video analogy based upon two job applicants trying to compete for one position. It’s a great view and quite humorous:

eOne Solutions has taken this information and made it available in an easy to read Product Comparison table. Take a few seconds and review this information yourself, and you will see the immense difference between these not-so-similar products. Custom Information Services is a proud partner of eOne Solutions and is pleased to offer SmartList Builder to our Dynamics GP clients.

SmartList Builder, Microsoft DYnamics GP- Click the Image to view the entire PDF -

SmartList Builder versus SmartList Designer? After viewing these convincing comparisons the choice is hardly difficult. When you need to be able to:

  • Modify default SmartLists
  • Use SQL Tables as Tables
  • Create Go To’s
  • Format Strings and Dates
  • Bulk edit Field Settings
  • Create Navigation Lists
  • Duplicate Lists

…and so much more, the only choice is SmartList Builder.

To find out about all of eOne’s Smart Products: SmartList Builder, SmartConnect, SmartView, Extender and more:

Custom Information Services (CIS) is your best source to learn about eOne Smart Configurable Software. Let us help you get the most productivity out of your Dynamics GP software solution. You can reach our certified team of consultants and sales professionals at 817-640-0016 or via email at sales@customis.com. We have been helping business implement technology since 1989 and are a Silver ERP Partner for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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