Do You Know What’s In The Warehouse? How About Now?

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In today’s fast-paced marketplace, you need to have an accurate count and location of your inventory which is no easy task.  With 24/7 customer orders, multiple warehouses, and bin changes, stock count can change in a moment which can have repercussions.  As your inventory increases in volume, so can the complications.  It may be time for a better inventory management system.

As your business grows and you expand product lines, it can be difficult to track inventory as it’s coming and going.  Manufacturing operations may increase to keep up with customer demands and before you know it, inventory is getting lost, misplaced, or miscounted.  A robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics® GP, offers robust warehouse and inventory management features.  However, you can give your warehouse technology and your team a bigger boost with PanatrackerGP.

Replace inaccurate, paper-based inventory tracking with a more modern technology to improve warehouse productivity and the accuracy of inventory movements.  Your team will appreciate the added mobility and ease of using handheld computers and barcodes to track inventory and warehouse managers will appreciate the real-time data.  Your warehouse team can track inventory at the point and time it’s received, handled, and shipped with PanatrackerGP software.  Track adds, moves, and counts including bin and site transfers.  You can also integrate order fulfillment, product assembly, and shipping and receiving operations.

PanatrackerGP is also fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Your sales team can check on real-time stock availability for customers, for example, and procurement can make strategic inventory decisions that can save money and improve profit margins.  Adding automation to warehouse activities with a solution like PanatrackerGP can provide the control and insight you need to improve both warehouse operations and inventory management.

Today’s manufacturing and distribution marketplace is fast moving and highly competitive.  Greater inventory control is essential for maintaining superior customer service and protecting your bottom line.  Contact Panatrack Inventory & Asset Tracking for more information about using PanatrackerGP to keep track of your inventory with greater efficiency and accuracy.

By Panatrack Inventory & Asset Tracking, a Microsoft Partner & ISV out of Wisconsin

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