Apple is Teaming Up with Former Nemesis IBM

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"It's a watershed partnership that brings together the best of Apple and the best of IBM"

Apple CEO Tim Cook


What an interesting combination.  IBM, the inventor of the PC, and Apple, once a bitter rival from top, while led by the late Steve Jobs, to the bottom … who can forget those clever ads between the “stuffy PC guy vs the Cool MAC guy”.


Or Apple’s famous 1984 Super Bowl ad pitting the plucky underdog against the titan in the industry.

plucky underdog

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty said the alliance will help her company by widening the audience for its technological tools, providing bigger returns on the roughly $24 billion that IBM has invested in data analytics.  CEO Tim Cook said his company is turning to help from IBM because it doesn't understand the needs of corporate customers as well as it does consumers.

Business apps

IBM’s ability to add business applications to the Apple iPhone and iPad is initially focused on 100 applications and will offer better Cloud computing and corporate security.  Besides the slew of industry-specific mobile applications, the partnership will also see IBM cloud services optimized for iOS, including device management, security, analytics, and mobile integration.

tablet in supply chain

Companies like Appolis – the Art of Inventory, who have embraced what smartphones and tablets can bring to supply chain, have gained many early adopting new Clients and will further benefit from the advances that this new partnership promises.  On the surface, Clients view hardware savings, but as they become more familiar with the power and capabilities, they come to understand the processing speeds along with game-changing aspects of usability.

Rometty, who flew to the left coast to be with Tim Cook for the announcement said, "This is going to remake professions and industries."


By Steve Dwyer, Principal

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