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You might be tired of hearing about FRx’s retirement, and we feel your pain – it’s old news.  At the same time, since finance teams around the world have used the free financial reporting tool by Microsoft for years with some still hanging on to FRx, the transition to a new report writer has been gradual and for some, standoffish.  Meanwhile, there is a community of independent software vendor (ISV) offerings that aim to turn Microsoft Dynamics into a best-of-breed software by adding functionality that enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems do not provide.  Furthermore, as time goes by, technology in general and third party vendors that offer Business Intelligence (BI) software are developing and evolving faster than ever to anticipate and meet consumer demands for powerful, dynamic, and easy-to-use tools.

For about half of FRx users, a migration to Management Reporter (MR) was logically following the line.  Microsoft has built a reputable brand loyalty associated with the user friendliness and ubiquity of their products, which in turn resulted in thousands of customers embracing the replacement by default.  At Solver, we have conversed with plenty of customers about why they should invest in third party products as opposed to using the native offering.  We understand the confusion: Microsoft produces Dynamics, so why not use a product within the same brand family?  We have responded to this question in depth on our blog, but in reality, there is also this growing population of customers who are underwhelmed and disappointed in MR, especially after thinking that the long-awaited replacement was going to be a true upgrade to FRx.


If you are looking for a true upgrade after the retirement of FRx, there are plenty of financial report writing offerings in today’s marketplace.  We have seen individuals get overwhelmed by the amount of ISV and software options when they begin shopping around for the right product for their company needs.  This article will zoom in on some of the most popular tools that are alternatives to FRx (and MR) for ultra-modern, business user friendly financial reporting.  More specifically, this article will examine MR in more detail, as well as BI360, BizNet, F9, and Renovofyi in an effort to arm you with the head start you need to streamline your search as you begin to reach out to ISVs, make appointments for demos and consulting.  An important first step for you will be to evaluate the company cultural needs for your specific workplace, so you match those needs with the right solution.

Since about half of FRx customers jumped to MR, it might be hailed as a success, but our question is, only half?  Not to mention that there’s a substantial amount of customers who are looking to already replace MR.  The reality is that the needs of today’s users are very different from those of FRx’s years of customers.  Third party manufacturers are reaping the rewards of a truly customer-driven marketplace.  If we could sum up and simplify the response to MR from customers and noise on the internet, MR seems like a flimsy update, as opposed to a modern upgrade.  The user menu gateway is the only (aesthetic) upgrade.  There’s no option to report beyond the GL, and users don’t have the flexible accessibility of live web reporting.  Furthermore, it is still a proprietary platform that is a little too similar to FRx, but still not Excel and its familiar set of formulas and formatting that finance teams around the world have used for decades.  As customers clamor for flexible collaboration and mobility, it is not a surprise to us that customers are already seeking Managenmet Reporter alternatives.

To continue learning more about your options for replacing FRx, read the rest of this article here.

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