What is the Right Software For Tire Retail and Auto Service Centers - Dynamics GP with VAST Enterprise

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Modern Tire 3Some people may not think of tire dealerships as high tech. But in fact the right software can be what takes your business from a basic auto shop to an efficient and profitable retail service center – and customers know the difference.

Take Connecticut based Modern Tire and Auto Service Center as an example. Modern Tire was established in 1941 and has been serving its loyal customers for over six decades. The company has now grown to 5 retail locations in central Connecticut. They handle their growth and continue to thrive by finding ways to innovate and provide a better customer experience. For Robert Amenta, President of Modern Tire, this meant choosing the right software.

Modern Tire chose VAST Enterprise from MAM Software for retail point-of sale (POS) and the service side of the business, and this automatically connects to Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) accounting software to process the financial transactions. It is two separate applications – connected into one seamless system that gives them all the functionality they need, without double entry.

The software allows Modern Tire to quickly look up parts, and find parts in stock from their vendors.  Since they have multiple stores they can transfer parts and tires between stores and handle many other areas of the service business, which is becoming increasingly technical. The customer knows that they get answers and quotes faster.

Thanks to the integration done by CAL Business Solutions Modern Tire is now able to extract data from VAST into Dynamics GP on a daily basis at each of its 5 locations. The results are meaningful financial reports and accurate accounts payables.

Watch the short Modern Tire Case Study video for more details:

Watch the video at: www.calszone.com/moderntire-video

Read the Modern Tire Case Study: Tire Dealership & Service Center Connects Retail POS Software With Microsoft Dynamics GP for Complete System

Modern Tire customers have come to expect reliability and quality - not just of their service, but also of the entire buying experience from start to finish. This is thanks in part to the software Modern Tire has chosen to use to run its retail tire distribution and automotive services business.

If you are interested in learning more about how the right software can help your tire retail distribution and auto services business, contact CAL Business Solutions. 860-485-0910 or sales@calszone.com

By CAL Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner Serving Tire Retail Distributors

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