Welcome to Summer Vacation – Could it be the Start of Your Payroll Nightmare?

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CLM WebWe are getting close to the end of the school year and summer is just around the corner.  It's time for summer vacation and some much needed rest and relaxation!  However, for many human resources managers, this marks the beginning of a messy payroll nightmare.

If you have entry-level payroll and human resources software or manage vacation and any other types of leave manually, then this could be the beginning of a long summer.  A handful of key people are likely responsible for specific tasks, such as collecting timesheets and calculating vacation time, sick days, or other paid-time-off.  For example, one colleague may prepare paychecks based on timesheet data while another compares employee leave time against benefit packages and managerial approvals.  Once data is compiled, you may need to validate the data, update your payroll or other specialty software, then send off payroll for processing.  Offices that rely on manual processes often face a few challenging days or weeks when key employees take a vacation.  Colleagues may not know how to handle the job tasks of their peers.  In addition, manual processes eat up valuable time and introduce the risk for human errors and mistakes.  Mistakes in the payroll process can land your business in hot water with regulatory agencies, as well as with your employees.

You don’t need to dread the days when your key employees take their summer vacation.  Implement more robust human resources and payroll solutions and keep important tasks, like payroll processing, on the right track.  The Comprehensive Leave Manager add-on offered by Integrity Data, for example, automates leave calculations.  You define any number of leave codes, including sick and vacation time, holiday, and comp time.  You can set policies for employees such as the number of hours that must become available before they are used, carry-overs based on anniversary dates or year end, and manage Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) scenarios.  In addition, you can offer an employee self-service portal so that your employees can determine the leave time that is available without having to interrupt your team.

Enjoy your summer when your employees are on vacation and take some time off yourself with the confidence that payroll and other human resources activities won’t be adversely impacted.  Contact Integrity Data to learn more about the Comprehensive Leave Manager and other solutions to automate and streamline human resources processes.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics GP ISV out of Illinois

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